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2022 Spring Equinox That means & Explainer: Gentle Up With Duality

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We’ve adjusted our clocks (maybe for the last time?) and the days are finally growing longer. Even though an extra hour of daylight each day may make you feel like spring has sprung, the season doesn’t officially start until the spring equinox commences. The 2022 spring equinox meaning might be obscured for you, but I’m here to break down all the deets so you can begin anew. 

While celebrations of the spring equinox don’t necessarily have to involve astrology, there are definitely a few different ways that the two are connected. For starters, Aries season begins right around the time of the spring equinox. Aries season is the time of year (approximately a month-long) when the sun sits in the sign of Aries, and anyone born during this time can call themselves an Aries (or “Aries sun”). It is also when the zodiac cycle starts over, as Aries is the first sign out of the 12 (aka the natural-born leader of the crew). 

What is the 2022 Spring Equinox?

According to NASA, an equinox occurs when the sun “shine[s] directly on the equator with nearly equal amounts of day and night, about 12 hours,” hence the name “EQUI-nox.” This astronomical event happens only twice a year, with the spring or vernal equinox falling on March 20, 2022, and the autumnal or hibernal solstice on September 22, 2022. It’s rare and special, and an invitation to examine the day and night within us all. Where does your duality lie, and has it become unbalanced? Today, embrace the universe’s call to bring balance back into your life. You’re not all darkness or light, even if sometimes you can’t seem to move out of fixed states.

As Aries season kicks off on Monday, March 21, the spring equinox marks the end of emotional Pisces season. Release Pisces season along with whatever is no longer serving you, and look forward to the fiery passion of Aries season. 

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Various different spiritual and religious traditions hold celebrations around the spring equinox. Many pagan people around the world honor this particular equinox, sometimes referred to as Ostara, as a time to honor the changing of seasons, celebrate the returning greenery, and acknowledge the abundance of Mother Nature.

Reminders of old pagan practices can still be found in some modern-day Easter celebrations (which also happens around the spring equinox) in Easter egg hunts (eggs being a symbol of creation and rebirth) and the Easter bunny (rabbits being a very old symbol of fertility).

What the Spring Equinox Means for You

I often find that I can feel the switch from winter to spring, and from Pisces season to Aries season, intensely. There’s something so magical in the movement from a chilly, introspective, contemplative time of winter to the vibrancy and warmth of spring. Pisces season, occurring from late February to late March, can be one of the dreariest times of year, with pretty snow turning to salty slush, and the last dregs of winter still hanging on. It’s also a time when emotions are heightened, as each sign will feel watery Pisces season in their own way. 

When Aries season rolls around, we are reminded that the flowers, buds, and greenery are still alive underneath snow, ice, and chilly air. This reminder can be especially important for people in the zodiac who tend to be sensitive and intuitive (think Cancer and Scorpio). If you’re an Aries sun, moon, or rising, this might just be one of your favorite times of year.

No matter where your birthday falls on that big beautiful zodiac wheel, try celebrating the turning of the seasons this year. You don’t have to be a pagan to celebrate the spring equinox. Spring clean your apartment, gather ‘round a fire, enjoy a seasonal meal, and just be present with your chosen people

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