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3 Straightforward Issues to Begin Doing TODAY for Nice Hair – The Small Issues Weblog

These are 3 simple and easy things to do to give yourself your best hair ever this year!

  1. Brush it out before you wash it! Wet hair is more elastic than dry hair, so if you wait to comb it out when it’s wet, you could be snapping and stretching out your hair in a way that could cause damage. Brushing out your hair before you wash it not only smoothes out your hair, but it helps loosen up any build up or dry skin too! *if your hair is very curly, this isn’t always recommended. I’m not a curly hair expert so I’d recommend asking your stylist how to best prep curly hair for washing!
  2. Instead of fully rinsing out all of the conditioner, leave the tiniest bit behind to provide some slip to your hair. For example, if you usually spend 15 seconds rinsing out your conditioner, next time only rinse it for about 13 seconds. You can figure out the right amount through trial and error, but a bit of conditioner left behind will soften and protect the hair.
  3. Work a deep conditioner or hair mask into your weekly routine. These are different than regular daily conditioner and can go so far in really restoring the health of your hair.

You can find a few of my favorite hair masks and treatments on this post!

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