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4 Mini Baggage I Approve Of

Let’s talk mini bags. I feel like you either love them or you don’t, and I happen to be into them. But as always, I like a curated selection and a very clean look.

Keep reading for 4 bags, one at each budget, that I approve of.

xx Ashley

$ PICK: The $16 Amazon Mini Bag that I just purchased. This is a nice option if you aren’t fully onboard with the mini bag trend.

$$ PICK: I have been wearing this Lily & Bean Mini Bag for a few months now (see it here and here) and it’s been a consistent top seller since. TBH, I like it as much as my Celine bag (which is my $$$$ pick). I got it without the monogram and the quality is impressive.

$$$ PICK: Anine Bing is one of my favorite wearable designers so it’s no surprise I like her Mini Cleo Bag. It comes in black and camel and I’m into both.

$$$$ PICK: I realize that spending $$$$ on a mini bag might not make sense for all, but I actually do get good use out of my Celine Pico Bag. If you don’t want to spend this, though, as I said above, I love the Lily & Bean Bag just as much. I also love my YSL Leather Hobo if you want something small but slightly larger than the Celine.


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