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5 Causes you’re Nonetheless Overeating

Eating less does not always translate to weight loss but overeating will most definitely translate to weight gain in the future. Most of us are confused how we cannot find self control, muster will power, and put an end to binge eating, and go on a guilt trip once overeating episode is over. But where will power fails, discipline slays. Somebody rightly said “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Overeating and sedentary lifestyle can spell death knell for your weight loss journey, and if you cannot get into a calorie deficit because of overeating issues, it’s time to weed out reasons that drive you to eat more and more food in the absence of physiological hunger pangs. Let’s go over them one by one.

5 Reasons you are Still Overeating

1. Starving Through the day and Saving All Calories for the End of the Day: Starving the whole day in the name of dieting and then hoarding all the calories and spending it all at dinner time will definitely need to overeating. Avoid food deprivation and banking the calories, eat at scheduled timings, and you will see a big difference in your appetite.
2. Shopping and Stocking up Unhealthy Food: While grocery shopping, we tend to mindlessly pick high-calorie, processed, and sugar-rich foods that can trigger hunger pangs and binge eating because most of them are hyperpalatable foods (they are manufactured in such a way that they are pleasing to the tastebuds and you continue binging on them even if you are full). Pretzels, French fries, potato chips, brownies, cupcakes, desserts, ice creams are a few examples of hyperpalatable foods. If you stop shopping and stocking up these high-calorie hyperpalatable foods, there are lesser chances to overeat because “out of sight is out of mind.” Also read: “24 Worst Foods in your Fridge that Prevent Weight Loss.”
3. You are Emotionally Attached To Certain Foods: Stress eating or emotional eating is a situation where someone eats to feel good, to cope up with trauma, to vent out anger, to deal with stress, or when plain bored than to satisfy hunger. The food to cope with such situations is usually high-calorie stuff, mostly sugary delights, hight-fat, basically unhealthy food that leads to rapid weight gain. When you eat such food, the brain releases certain “feel-good chemicals” such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine that helps to temporarily elevate the mood and calm down nerves. The problem is that these food items also cause sharp insulin spikes, providing instant energy but the subsequent drop in blood sugar level can leave one fatigued and craving for “more food” all over again. You start to depend more and more on such unhealthy food to deal with jittery nerves, and overeat such foods. In short, people resort to emotional eating to feel better, relieve stress, and cope up with traumatic situations which would lead to overeating. Wanna know how to overcome this wrong eating practice –  read all about “How To Conquer Emotional Eating with Effective Tricks.”
4. Your Meals Lack Nutrients: Food that is high in empty calories do help to calm down hunger pangs for a little while, but because they lack nutrients, the brain senses lack of energy and instructs the body to eat more, which leads to overeating. Your diet should be high in nutrient-dense foods to avoid overeating.
5. You are Surrounded by Food Pushers: A “food pusher” is someone who thinks you are starving and not eating enough food, someone who loves to cook and would like you to be the official food taster, or maybe someone who might be jealous of your weight loss 😛 When you are counting every single calorie, on an earnest mission to burn extra weight and get leaner, but then comes along a “food pusher” who tempts you to eat more food. These “food pushers,” can knowingly or unknowingly derail your weight loss plan, by encouraging you to eat more food. It becomes extremely difficult to say “no” to food pushers, especially when they are family, friends, and relatives, and also particularly, when they are moving around a plate of freshly-baked cinnamon buns, but if you want to lose weight at any cost, you have to practice saying “no” to food pushers, and obviously find polite ways to do so. In fact, read about “7 Polite Ways to Say No To Food Pushers,” in this post.

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