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5 Self Care Ideas I am Taking Into the New Yr

I don’t know about you, but I always love consuming intentional content in January. I love reading what everyone is working on for the new year and there always seems to be a focus on self-care. It’s easy for the year to ramp up and us all to forget about what we wanted to focus on, but I’m hopeful that between my goal-setting sheets, finding my word for 2023, and setting myself up for small wins, it’s a really good year.

Today I wanted to specifically share 5 self-care tips that I’m taking in tot he new year. If you have any, I’d love to hear yours in the comments section.

xx Ash


I learned about the 5 types of self care a while back and love the thought of it. Often times we only think (or I do at least) of self care as things like baths, massages, etc. but the truth is, there are multiple ways to care for yourself. I’m really trying to take a more holistic look at my life and how I take care of myself, vs. just focusing on one thing. I feel pretty good about certain types of self-care, for example, my spiritual self-care, but there are some types that I haven’t conquered yet. I know it’s always a work in process but I wanted to share the 5 types in case they resonate with anyone else.

1. Social Self-Care
2. Mental Self-Care
3. Spiritual Self-Care
4. Emotional Self-Care
5. Physical Self-Care


As I mentioned above, I’m not necessarily focused on a goal for each type of self-care, just the ones I need to work on. Here are 5 things I’m working on this year.

1. BOUNDARIES: This is a huge one for me and I also wrote about it here. Mainly, I’m trying to establish boundaries that ultimately make me feel better – and then not feel guilty about it. So far, I’m working on this by turning off notifications at certain times o fthe day and having no screen time in bed. It’s hard but I am trying to limit my phone time because that’s where my boundaries get blurry (whether it’s someone texting me, emailing me, or me scrolling past screen boundaries that I have set for myself). I’ve been setting my phone on the other nightstand to help me with this. I’ve also heard good things about this book for boundary setting so I think I’ll read it.

2. HYDRATE: My goal is to drink 100oz of water a day. I have never been a water drinker and I’m trying to step it up. I have notifications to help me remember and I take my Stanley everywhere I go which is helpful so far!

3. MOVEMENT: Moving my body every day, whether it’s Pilates, walking, training or getting in some type of activity just makes me feel better. I used to think that I had to do these intense workouts but I’ve realized slow and constant is better than pushing myself to do something I hate. I have to enjoy it or I’ll never do it.

4. REST (& NOT FEELING GUILTY FOR IT): I read something somewhere that said self-care isn’t self-care if you are feeling guilty about it. I think as business women / moms / whatever it is, it’s easy to feel bad for taking time for yourself. Life is short and you work hard, so we should take time to enjoy it!

Two things I’ve noticed that help me feel rested are massages and delegating. For Christmas, I asked for gift cards to a local spa. I love a good massage and nothing makes me feel better. I’m starting to schedule a regular massages 2x a month which used to make me feel guilty, but honestly why? And then something I don’t enjoy doing and it takes me over an hour, is washing / drying / styling my hair. I bought a Dry Bar membership for 2 monthly blowouts and could not recommend it more! It allows me to get a little work done while I’m in the chair or I totally chill out and rest. Either way, I don’t feel guilty about it.

5. ROUTINES: The goal is to be more established in my night and morning routine. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and I love implementing these routines into my day. It helps me set the tone and makes me feel good so I’m trying my best to stick to it. I’ve heard Melissa Wood Health ask, how bad do you want to feel good?, which I love.


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