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5 Issues I am Trying Ahead to in 2023

What’s your favorite planet?

1. Asking people about their favorite planet

Connor and I found this cool notebook while we were Christmas shopping, and we decided to use it for a fun little project at home.

When people come over to visit us, we ask them what their favorite planet is, and then we jot the answer down in the notebook.

We can’t wait to fill up all the pages!

2. Believing in all the good things to come

In the last couple months, I’ve started reading a lot of books about mindset by Louise Hay.

She believes that our subconscious doesn’t play around. If you allow your subconscious to believe that you’ll achieve a certain goal, you’ll find a way to make it come true. If you allow your subconscious to doubt yourself, then you’ll find a way to sabotage that goal.

In a nutshell: believe you can do it and you’ll get it done.

The funny thing is, I’ve believed in this to some degree, but it was always in a joking way.

Like, I like to jokingly say that I’m 100% certain that I would survive the zombie apocalypse. Really though, I have absolutely no doubt that I would make it, and that’s not just because I’ve watched my share of “The Walking Dead.”

carol halloween costume the walking dead
You don’t mess with Carol, son!

I know from past experiences that when sh*t really hits the fan, I always find a way to land on my feet and keep going. It’s something I truly believe right down to my core.

It never occurred to me to apply this mindset other things in my life. Crazy!

Anyway, I’m doing it now and will continue to eagerly receive all the good things the universe is sending all of us!

3. Cooking vegan and plant-based meals

I love eating vegetables, but I’ve never thought to cook vegan meals because it always seemed so intimidating. I think this would be a fun skill to learn, though. If you have any vegan or plant-based recipes you can recommend, please send them my way.

Let’s eat all the veggies

4. Decorating my space

Home decorating continues to baffle me, but ever since I tackled the window treatments and lugged a dining room rug home, I’ve discovered that, GASP, if you actually know and follow the design rules, your space looks and feels nicer.

Even though we’ve lived in the same spot for years, my decorating choices have never felt cohesive or purposeful. I can’t wait to change that.

5. Spending more time outdoors

I’ve realized that the more time I spend outside, the more peaceful I feel inside — especially when I’m around trees! It sounds corny, but it’s true.

fairway waterfall hike january 2021
So peaceful!

I can’t wait to more time hiking and exploring the outdoors next year.

What are you looking forward to in 2023?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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