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6 skincare tricks to hold in your thoughts to be Holi- Prepared! – The Pure Wash

Holi is approaching, and so should the pre-Holi skincare do. Well, the colors might lead to skin allergies, rashes, and hair-fall. However, with a proper skincare routine before Holi, you might be able to dodge the skin problems. 

Some of the essential tips involve 

  • Close the skin’s pores by rubbing ice cubes all over. 
  • Before stepping out, massage the skin with coconut oil. It will prevent the colors from making direct contact with the skin. 

 How do TNW products help?

The Natural Wash is an Indian skincare and haircare brand that stocks all the products your skin and hair require. We have curated a list of The Natural Wash products you should be using before Holi to prevent damage to your skin and hair. 

1. Pure Aloe Vera Gold Gel – Aloe vera is considered a good antioxidant. It has a soothing effect on the skin. TNW’s pure aloe vera gold gel has 90% pure and natural aloe vera, which hydrates the skin and minimizes pores. 

Gently apply it over your face and neck a few days before Holi, as it will close the pores and keep skin rashes at bay. Add to your cart now!

2. Steam Distilled Pure Rose Water – Rose water has been an old skincare product, and TNW’s steam distilled pure rose water prevents various skin-related issues like itching, irritation, etc. The colors of Holi cause a lot of allergies, and therefore, you need to stock steam distilled pure rose water from TNW beforehand and start applying it. It also maintains the optimal pH level of the skin. 


Rose Water

3. Sun Defence SPF 50 Cream – Sunscreen is a must-use even if it’s not any festival as it protects the skin from harmful rays. The Natural Wash’s sun defense sunscreen is entirely non-greasy, and it will guard your skin on Holi as you enjoy throwing colors at others out in the sun. 

Sun Defence

4. Potato Rice SoapThe Natural Wash potato rice soap is apt for the body and hands. The dye of the colors is hard to take off, and your companion – TNW’s potato rice soap, will help. This potato rice soap is handmade with extra care and prevents dryness by adequately moisturizing the skin. It also diminishes the dark spots on the skin to give a glowy effect. 

Potato Rice Soap

In addition to potato rice soap, you can also try TNW’s charcoal soap and oats and honey soap. Both have their own set of magical results. 
Oats & Honey SoapCharcoal Soap

5. Pore minimizing face serum – A skincare product that should be in your pre-Holi routine is TNW’s pore minimizing face serum. It is made of natural ingredients and tightens the pores.

Pore Minimizing Serum

It gives our skin an even and smooth look. Use it regularly a few days before Holi to cover up all the skin pores so that the colors do not penetrate the skin. 

6. Virgin Coconut Oil – Coconut oil provides essential nutrients to the hair and removes frizziness. TNW’s coconut oil also prevents dryness of hair. With all the colors splashing at your hair, you need to ensure that the hair is well protected.

Coconut Oil

Buy virgin coconut oil today and oil your hair to prepare it for Holi. 


Holi is around the corner, and we’re all set to celebrate it. However, we need to prepare our skin and hair for Holi colors. Hurry up and buy these products from The Natural Wash to protect your skin and hair from the damages caused using colors.


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