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7 Most Frequent Causes Why Most Dieters Fail

It is estimated that a majority of people who attempt to go on a diet, fail to reach their target and though largely lack of will power is blamed as the cause, that’s not quite the case. If it was only about maintaining “less calories in vs more calories out” formula, a larger percentage of people would have reached their ideal weight without many hiccups. There’s a completely wrong myth flying around that as long as we eat less food, the body would burn more fat. With blind belief in these kind of myths, disappointment is guaranteed. It’s a common pattern that many dieters start with a lot of enthusiasm, but a few days or weeks into the diet, all motivation fizzles out, and a larger percentage of them jump off the weight loss wagon without reaching their ideal weight. So, if you are trying to get lean as well, read about some common reasons why most dieters fail, so that you can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

7 Most Common Reasons Why Most Dieters Fail

1. Not Making the Environment Conducive For Weight Loss: When you make weight loss a priority, you have to set up the environment around you to help achieve success. That means stocking the kitchen and pantry with healthy food, meal prepping diet food, getting rid of processed food, reducing the frequency of eating out, carrying homemade food to work, and carrying healthy snacks along on travels. Making lifestyle changes is a must to see effective results and the sooner dieters realize this, the better.
2. Relying on a Single Hyped Ingredient: There’s not a single ingredient that can propel fat burning, not even chia seeds, green tea or apple cider vinegar. You have to eat healthy, eat enough, all while maintaining calorie deficit in order to access fat storage and melt away extra fat.
3. Counting Only Calories, Forgoing Nutrition: As we have already mentioned, weight loss is not all about “less calories in vs more calories out.” Also, not all calories are equal – 500 calories of junk food is not equal to 500 calories from whole grains, vegetables, fruits, etc. Research reveals that deficiency of vitamin D, calcium, healthy fats, protein, fiber can build up the most dreaded kind of fat – the belly fat! So, do not just count calories, make sure those calories are nutrient dense as well.
4. Seeking Immediate Results: Just the way you didn’t gain weight overnight, it would be wrong to expect the extra fat to melt away in one day or two days. Patience is one of the keys to weight loss, just work hard, follow the diet, and be consistent with exercise routine and the results will follow.
5. Compromising on Sleep: Research has strongly linked sleep deprivation with weight gain, that’s why in the absence of 7 hours of sleep each night, strict dieting will most certainly fail. Also read: “14 Reasons Why Sleep is Important For Weight Loss.”
6. Not Ready To Make Lifestyle Changes: New research has revealed that walking 10,000 steps a day and leading an active lifestyle can make kickstart the fat-burning process, but most of us live a sedentary lifestyle, hardly getting up from the couch or work desk. Most importantly, chronic stress facilitates weight gain. Needless to mention, dieters who lead a sedentary and stressful lifestyle find losing weight an uphill task.
7. Not Addressing Hormonal Issues: Insulin resistance, thyroid, PCOD, estrogen dominance, etc. are some hormonal issues that need to be addressed first. Dieters who are struggling with hormonal issues should consult their doctor and get these hormonal issues sorted out first.

Summing up, we would like to ask this very important question – are you even on the right kind of diet? Because crash dieting and fad diets are unsustainable – crash dieting is based on food deprivation and fad diets are too restrictive. So, what’s your best option? We are talking about the Rati Beauty diet that does not encourage food deprivation or put you on unhealthy meal replacement powders or pills. Rati Beauty diet shows you how eating the right kind of food can help drop extra pounds as well as lose inches off the waist. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

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