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A Free, Outstanding, AI-Powered Picture Colorization Internet Instrument

AI photo rendering technology may be having problems with its use in the world of stock photography and photo art competitions, but AI’s certainly not lacking for practical uses in human-created images.

Palette offers an example of exactly this that many photographers and photo restoration professionals might find useful. The web-based tool, which is free to use, lets you upload any black and white shot and colorize it with different filters.

Palette’s creator is in fact calling it the “DALL-E of Color” because of his trust in its quality. DALL-E is a well-known AI image rendering platform that has recently been heavily reported on in the news for the artificial photos it can generate.

Palette’s creator is Emil Wallner, a French artist-in-residence who operates at Google and who shared Palette earlier in September through Reddit so that internet users could give it a spin.

According to Wallner, the technology under Palette’s hood uses “unreleased research” that works off text-to-image technology similar to that used in famous AI-image rendering programs. These include DALL-E, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.

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Wallner has already gained recognition with previous work he did on colorizing the famous 20th-century painter Gustav Klimt’s old faculty paintings with AI technology.

Palette’s release to Reddit quickly went viral and the original post garnered over a million views, thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments. Over 100,000 users also tried it with their own black and white photo samples. You can too if you like, right here on the Palette website.

The artist/AI developer shared it with a simple description: “I made a new and free AI colorizer tool. Colorize black and white photos and with