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Accsoon CineView HE – Reside Streaming and On-set Monitoring Capabilities Defined

At NAB 2022, Michael Bogue from Accsoon walked us through the company’s latest addition to their lineup of wireless video systems, the Accsoon CineView HE. We explored the capabilities of this HDMI-only device and learned more about its possible applications outside the film production world. Let’s dive in.

Wireless video transmission technology manufacturer Accsoon has always been very attentive to the needs of entry-level customers. Lately, the company has introduced two new affordable wireless video systems, the CineView Quad and CineView HE, that now sit next to their existing CineEye series.

During NAB Show, we joined Michael Bogue at the Accsoon booth. Michael introduced us to the latest family member: the CineView HE. He showed us the potential of this system for both film productions and streaming applications. So let’s see what we found out.

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Accsoon CineView HE: only for filmmakers?

The new Accsoon CineView HE is a budget-friendly wireless video transmission system that packs quite a few interesting attributes in its compact, solidly-built body. Although it lacks the SDI capabilities of the CineView Quad, this HDMI-only model still has a lot to offer.

The plug-and-play design and easiness of use of the CineView HE will make users’ lives easier during operation. The system features a long transmission range (1,200ft/300m), low delay (< 60ms), a proprietary Dual Band (2.4/5GHz) technology for stable image transmission, and compatibility with the Accsoon Go app (iOS/Android) for intuitive monitoring on up to 4 smart devices.

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At first glance, the ideal target for this product seems to be filmmakers looking for a shortcut to enter the wireless video world. However, a closer look reveals the unit can also come in handy for streamers in need of a high-quality signal.

A solution for crystal-clear streaming

Indeed, while the HDMI In and Loop-Out ports of the TX will easily adapt to any DSLR/mirrorless camera setup onset, the CineView HE receiver also features a UVC (USB-C) output port that can transform your camera setup into a webcam.

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As Michael clearly showed us, you simply need a USB-C cable to connect the RX to your computer (or compatible Android device) for your camera feed to be instantly recognized as a webcam. No capture card or intricate technology needed.

Image credit: CineD

According to Michael, this fact offers two main benefits. First, users can easily and immediately live stream a high-quality image from their camera to their favorite platform, including Zoom, Teams, YouTube, and Facebook Live, just to name a few. And second, this solution offers complete freedom of movement, as the wireless system now allows the camera to be placed anywhere in your office/studio.

Price and availability

The Accsoon CineView HE will soon be available for pre-order on B&H. Its official retail price is $499, which is quite affordable for its extensive set of features. According to Michael, the first batch should start shipping around May 15th, 2022.

For more information, please visit Accsoon’s website here.

What do you think of the streaming capabilities of the new Accsoon CineView HE? How do you normally produce a high-quality video stream? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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