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Amazon Buyers Swear By Solimo Ointment as an Aquaphor Different

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When it comes to good skincare, we’re ready to try some pretty outlandish things to get our skin looking as good as Hailey Bieber’s. This is how we ended up researching a baby ointment that, apparently, works just as well as our beloved Aquaphor
—but for a lower price tag. For those who might not be familiar: Aquaphor is a use-anywhere healing ointment that’s beloved by skincare obsessives for its ability to heal and repair dry skin. It’s so good, Mrs. Bieber herself swears by it.

See, it started when we were perusing around online shopping (as we do daily) when we noticed that so many reviewers kept noting the similarity between an Amazon baby ointment
and Aquaphor
. At first, we thought maybe it was a fluke, but then we took a look at the ingredients and they are literally the same. Each product uses a combination of mineral oil, ceresin, lanolin alcohol, panthenol, glycerin and bisabolol, a soothing oil derived from chamomile. So there you have it: Amazon shoppers have found the generic version of this beloved name brand treatment, and we have them to thank for the money we will soon be saving!

Courtesy of Solimo.

Solimo Healing Ointment

While, yes, this ointment is marketed for babies, shoppers swear they use it on themselves, too. It’s the kind of thing anybody in your home can make use of, really.

“It’s hands down the best moisturizer that I use on my baby and toddler,” explained one shopper. “I slather it on after bath time, and the next morning their skin is still super soft. It’s also great for diaper changes; if I notice any redness, I use this and she never gets a full-blown diaper rash.” They continued, adding: “I like using it on my cuticles and feet. I douse my feet at bedtime and then put on some socks…my feet feel amazing when I do this regularly. It’s a versatile product
that is great to always have around, regardless of age.”

Aquaphor’s 4-ounce tub typically retailer for around $17, but this alternative goes for around $14
. With the Solimo treatment, you’ll be able to save a few bucks while getting the same results, according to shoppers.

“Tried this in place of Aquaphor,” wrote one shopper. “It works just as well and is much cheaper.”

There you have it, folks. Another money-saving hack handed to you by your favorite retail experts—online shoppers.

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