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AMD RDNA 3 is coming third of November 2022

Competition will be close, and with improved stock and Etherum mining dead there is plenty of hope for the coming months

Updated: Sep 20, 2022 2:53 pm

We finally have some news on the upcoming AMD RDNA 3 graphics cards, and that they will be launching on the 3rd of November. The news comes from the Senior Vice President and General Manager of AMD Radeon Scott Herkelman.

This comes just a few hours before the Nvidia GTC keynote, where we expect Jensen to announce the RTX 4000 series of cards. So this is clearly a statement to everyone else that Radeon is also ready to launch soon in what is likely going to be a tight fight for the best graphics card.

AMD Radeon RDNA 3 release date

What to expect from RDNA 3

During its last announcement, AMD teased the RDNA 3 architecture in use alongside its AM5 announcement. There we got the first visual of the card and how it may perform. And with the performance shown it clearly was in a good working state. So now we wait for the final touches.

But so far it has said to expect a 50% improvement in performance per watt. The improvement in efficiency does come at a good time of an energy crisis in some countries and so it can be a deciding factor. Especially considering the overall TDPs have been steadily rising with each launch.

There is also the possibility of it utilizing a multi-chip-module design for graphics and memory. The first card to do so and take some inspiration from the Ryzen 7 5800X3D. Improving the yields of silicon is a unique feature.

RX 7000 is also meant to be the Navi 3X architecture based on TSMCs 5nm process. Along with a next-gen infinity cache. The flagship Navi 31 chip is expected to have 12,288 stream processors.

If AMD can also improve rendering and ray tracing performance it can definitely bring a better fight. But even so, it has been improving its drivers heavily for gamers to enjoy. Features like RSR are available to improve your performance even with the lowest-end cards.

When RDNA 3?

RDNA 3 is set to launch on the 3rd of November 2022.

What is RDNA 3?

RDNA 3 is the upcoming AMD Radeon graphics architecture. It’ll be what makes up the RX 7000 series set to further improve AMDs offer in the GPU market.

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