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Are Natalie, Salvador Relationship After ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2? Rumors

Although Love Is Blind Season 2 has officially come to a close, that doesn’t mean the drama is over yet. Weeks after the reunion episode aired on Netflix, fans are now wondering if Natalie and Sal from Love Is Blind have started dating outside of the pods.

Natalie Lee, a 29-year-old consulting manager from Chicago, Illinois, got engaged to Shayne Jansen, a 32-year-old real estate agent and broker, after meeting in The Pods on Love Is Blind season 2. But after an unaired argument took place the night before their wedding, Natalie decided not to say “I do.” At the time, Natalie made it clear that she was still open to pursuing a relationship with Shayne outside of the show. “We can still work on this. I’m not closing the door on us,” she said, to which Shayne replied, Sure, I get it. But respectfully, I need time to think about this. I need some time too. OK?” After spending some time apart, the pair did eventually go on to try dating again after the show—but it seems this romance was short-lived, too.

During the Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion episode, Natalie revealed that she and Shayne “gave it another shot after our wedding day.” She explained, “We dated again, without the pressures. We just wanted to see if, you know, how we would work out.” Shayne, however, noted that the relationship had run its course and they weren’t able to move past their disagreement. “It was too fresh at the time,” he said. Natalie added, “I will say, for me, I held onto that fight for so long, I kind of held it against you. I couldn’t get myself to move on from it.”

Since Natalie and Shayne’s split on Love Is Blind, the pair have started to move on—and some are convinced that Natalie may be dating a fellow LIB cast member: Salvador Perez. For everything we know about those romance rumors, keep on reading below.

Are Natalie and Sal dating from Love Is Blind season 2?

Ever since her split from Shayne, fans have wondered if Natalie has moved on with someone new—namely, her Love Is Blind castmate, Sal. Over on social media, Shayne sparked speculation that his ex-fiancée started dating their former costar following the show during an Instagram Q&A session. When a fan asked if he and Natalie “hate each other now,” Shayne had a cryptic response: “Ask @salvadior08.”

Not to mention, the pair also sparked romance rumors among fans after Sal was spotted dropping some flirty comments on Natalie’s social media posts. In one post shared on March 9, 2022, Natalie wrote, “The old Nat can’t come to the phone right now. why? cause she’s dead,” to which Sal commented, “What’s new Natalie’s number? 🤭📲 I’ve been meaning to contact her about her car’s extended warranty. 🚗.” Natalie replied, “Leave a voicemail with a song only,” hinting at Sal’s musical talents.

Just days earlier, Sal commented on a photo Natalie shared of herself in a stunning red dress. “Casual Wednesday? … Pshh My goodness,” he gushed at the time. So, are Natalie and Sal dating?

Well, despite their flirty banter on social media, Natalie says she and Sal aren’t an item. “I know there’s been speculation that me and Sal are dating. We are not. We’re just really, really close friends,” she in an interview with Tea With Publyssity in early March 2022, adding that Sal is a ”very honest person” and a “great guy.” The consulting manager added at the time, “That friendship with him, I really appreciate.” There you have it: Natalie and Sal aren’t dating—for now!

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