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Tub & Physique Works Easter Assortment Consists of Spring-Prepared Candles

We’re not really a fan of rushing holidays. When Target puts out its Thanksgiving decorations before Halloween, we definitely roll our eyes a bit. But the post-Christmas months are a little boring (and cold, dark and wet) so we’re not mad at all that Bath & Body Works rolled out Easter products early. Because Easter means spring and spring means sunnier skies, warmer temperatures and overall, much happier people.

The first Easter drop includes brand-new Spring-ready candles that will give your home a boost of freshness. And as usual with Bath & Body Works, there are fun candle and soap holders with bunny details and floral designs. If you’re looking for a housewarming gift, a thank you to a teacher or an early Mother’s Day present, this collection has got you covered. Oh, and there’s so much more to come.

And don’t forget — there’s usually a big candle sale around Easter so we’ll keep you updated the second we get more information. In the meantime, grab some of the newbies, below and look for more before the holiday on April 17.

Bath & Body Works.

Bunny Gentle Foaming Soap Holder

This bunny will look ridiculously cute next to your kitchen sink and even distract from the dirty dishes.

Bath & Body Works. easter

Bath & Body Works.

Tutti Frutti Candle 3-Wick Candle

With fragrance notes of sweet jelly beans, berries and lemon.


Bath & Body Works. easter

Bath & Body Works.

Tutti Frutti Ultimate Hydration Body Cream

The same sweet scent, in a hydrating body lotion that will nix the driest skin patches.

Bath & Body Works. easter

Bath & Body Works.

Sweet Carrot Cake Single Wick Candle

With fragrance notes of sweet cream cheese frosting, carrot cake and cinnamon spice.

Bath & Body Works easter

Bath & Body Works.

Ceramic Bunny Single Wick Candle Holder

Upgrade any one of your single-wick candles you have laying around with this cute bunny. (Did we say it was cute enough times? We can’t help it.)

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