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Greatest Astro headset in 2022

How we choose the best Astro headset

We’ve had our fair share of fantastic headsets here at WePC so we’ve managed to get a good gauge on quality. To that end, we know what a headset needs to have to be worthwhile. Luckily for us, Astro headsets are well-known for quality so you’ll find no lemons on this list, just the creme de la creme of Astro headsets.

Where possible, we extensively test all the headsets we can get our grubby little hands on. This allows us to put them through some real-world testing, which includes gaming, general content consumption, and some fairly rigorous build quality tests. After all, the amount of money some Astro headsets cost is truly staggering, so they’d better make it worth your hard-earned cash.

Things to consider

There are a few key areas to pay attention to when it comes to buying a new Astro headset, some might be obvious, but there are some that you might not have thought of initially. There’s a lot of very in-depth information posted around the web on headsets, often descended into a mess of statistics, acronyms, and other such nerd-speak. Here’s what you need to have in mind when picking the best Astro headset.


This may seem obvious, but it’s frankly incredible how many headsets don’t appear to have been designed with the human body in mind. In an ideal world, you’d be able to try each and every headset within your budget on, however, in the increasingly online world we live in, that’s rarely possible. Everyone is different so there’s no one-size-fits-all here, but we’ll do our best to textually describe how these Astro headsets feel.

Audio quality

Annoyingly, the gaming headset realm of products continues to lag behind the rest of audio technology, and as such, they never sound as good as dedicated headphones. this is presumably to keep the prices tenable, without having to sacrifice on features. As you will learn in this article, and our other headset dedicated pages, the amount of features in gaming headsets these days is staggering.

Mic quality

Of course, hearing the sound is only half the battle when it comes to choosing the best Astro headsets, your teammates and opponents also need to hear you clearly, with minimal muffling or interference. Luckily Astro headsets have a reputation for good mics and the build quality generally prevents interference.


Astro may have a reputation for making premium and expensive headsets, but they make some budget models too, and the quality on these is still excellent. We’ve included picks from the entirety of Astro’s pricing spectrum so regardless of your budget, you can make an informed decision on the best Astro headset to buy. Additionally, large retailers like Amazon and Best-buy frequently have headsets and other gaming peripherals on sale. This means it’s worth shopping around as you may be able to steal one of these fantastic Astro headsets out the door for considerably less than MSRP.

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