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Finest Overwatch 2 Tanks, DPS, Helps within the PvP beta

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Overwatch 2’s multiplayer is starting to get more playtime, with players jumping in on the PvP beta. One of the things players are trying to work out is the meta based on the current balancing in the PvP beta. We are such people, and so, here is our journalistic opinion on an Overwatch 2 tier list.

Overwatch 2 Tier List methodology

At the time of writing, every tier list is up in the air. Content creators, pros, media outlets and fans all have different opinions on how the Overwatch 2 tier list looks, bar a few exceptions. Looking at other tier lists, especially those in the alpha most people disagree on most things. So, note that our tier list likely falls in that category, especially since it is still early days based on the current April 26 balance patch. We will continue to update as our and the community at large gets more familiar with the new brawl mechanics involved with Overwatch 2’s PvP and the new features in the game

San Francisco Shock player shared his tier list based on the beta.

The way we are going to present the Overwatch 2 tier list is going to be split into roles. The reason why is because it is easier to compare and contrast the current state now that there are role passives. Meanwhile, it is easier to identify situational heroes versus very strong heroes in these roles. Do be aware the experience of these picks largely derive from quick play shenanigans as that is all that’s available in the PvP beta.

Overwatch 2 Tank Tier list – Best Tanks in the PvP beta

The Doomfist rework makes him feel like one of the best tanks in Overwatch 2. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.
Tier Hero
S – Likely meta picks Zarya, Orisa
A – Strong Picks Doomfist, Sigma
B – Average picks Reinhardt, D.Va, Wrecking Ball
C – Niche Winston
D – Unideal Roadhog

Zarya and Orisa are two very strong picks that may define the meta at the moment. Zarya got a big cooldown change, with her shields cooldown beginning on use rather than when they are expired. Meanwhile, the barrier durations are now half a second longer. Considering the game is more brawly, that means these shields getting a little more time makes a great deal. Zarya should serve as a powerful tank with great ranged engagement tools that enemies can no longer phase-out, adding even more value to her ultimate ability. Oh, and she has better health and shields, which is an added plus.

Meanwhile, Orisa’s new kit feels quite powerful in plenty of elos. The new charge in, javelin a target into a wall, and deflect tools make her the stallion of a team rather than the tower defense hero she once was . It could be the honeymoon phase here, but she certainly feels one to watch, especially for more aggressive playstyles. 

A Tier

The A tier picks all feel good, and are certainly not ones to knock. Doomfist’s juggernaut playstyle makes him really easy to engage with, and now the added defence tools pairs well. Absorbing damage with his shield emperors his charge, and the character has a significant lower charge time for all of his skill in exchange for less damage. Doomfist should easily be in the face of his enemies, disrupting the team and allowing his allies to get on their key targets with ease.

Sigma feels like a great pick now. The character remains a great tank for engaging and the ult now feels better thanks to the more brawly nature of the game. Combining that with the extra damage on his Accretion and 100 extra on his shield makes him more rewarding to play. Sigma should remain a great pick for slow pushes and site takeovers.

Wrecking Ball hasn’t changed all that much from OW to OW2. The tank has two extra meters on its shield, so that helps bolster his shield charge and the tank is slightly more durable with a health and armor buff. He can go to 1.2k HP when pulled off correctly. Survivability is key in the game so a good Wrecking Ball means that his supports can look elsewhere to impact the game as the Wrecking Ball becomes incredibly self-sufficient.

B Tier and below

D.Va’s role as an off-tank feels weird now. She certainly has more potential to Poko bomb thanks to one less tank covering it when it goes off. However, it seems more tanks now have some form of defence matrix, so Domfist and Orisa compete for her role now. Chances are D.Va, Orisa and Domfist will compete for similar situations, so expect the characters to slide around depending on balance changes. D.Va does make for a solid offence tank or a more mobile peeler for her team, especially for her supports.

Reinhardt feels much better to play in OW2. The tank no longer succumbs to the stun mechanics that plagues many meta picks like Bridgette and Cassidy, and has a stronger HP shield. The pick can also do slightly more with his charge and fire blasts. There’s certainly more room for him, especially in heavy narrow slow push comps or maps with plenty of hazard kills. However, his dive and engage still rely on his ult and the charge exposes him and his team greatly.

Winston remains a C tier for now. The pick still feels like Winston but with added poke, thanks to his new charged electric bolt attack. Winston still makes a really beginner-friendly tank to engage on. However, his ult feels slightly weaker to tanks having knockback resistance and DPS getting whacked fewer times thanks to 10% more movement speed. Certainly, one that could get some more touch-ups as the main tank.

Lastly, we have Roadhog. The pick remains a niche pick that can instagib a DPS or a Support with his hook, shoot and melee combo, but that’s it. He does have a niche of being the biggest HP tank, with a huge heal that gets him even more ulty generation, but, he offers little site control and engage, relying on enemies to come to him, which all tanks now do really well at. It feels like Roadhog should be reworked into a DPS at this point.

Overwatch 2 Support Tier list – Best Supports in the PvP beta

Best Supports in Overwatch 2
Brigitte lost her stun, but her dive and self peel tools make her one of the best supports in Overwatch in the diving / brawling quick play meta. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.
Tier Hero
S – Likely meta picks Ana, Moira
A – Strong Picks Baptiste, Brigitte, Lucio
B – Average picks Zenyatta,
C – Niche
D – Unideal

The Overwatch 2 tier list for supports is largely centred around the meta that is this new brawl gameplay. It might just be the meta reflecting the craziness that is quick play the minute, so take it with a pinch of salt. But, the theory here is any support that can peel well and fit a wide variety of comps shine the most.

The objectively best supports in Overwatch 2 right now are Moira and Ana. Moira blends that perfect consistent close quarters brawly healing, pocket healing, and mixes passive AOE damage and healing with her two floating metaballs. The meatballs get even better when fighting in tighter spaces, making her a great pick for plenty of maps. In many instances, this team-wide consistent healing works better than others in the field like Baptiste and Lucio. Her Fade is also great for escaping those annoying backline divers, allowing her to survive even the deadliest encounter. Finally, her Coalescence ultimate allows her to do some incredibly large consistent healing, able to swing fights, while harassing enemies if your team is doing well. All in all, she seems to have everything you need from a Support in the current Overwatch 2 beta meta.

Meanwhile, we have Ana. When a well-aimed Ana is in the field, this support can do some incredible healing and damage. Not to mention she can sustain herself well with the sleep dart, picking off key targets at a distance or saving her and her backline allies from certain doom. Not to mention her anti-healing grenade is great, making the now only enemy tank feel weaker in pinch moments and it also prevents divers from receiving distant heals. She’s a bit more skill dependent, but that shouldn’t stop players from recognising her importance as one of the best Overwatch 2 supports.

Situationally and generally good Supports

Baptiste Overwatch
Baptiste is still a solid pick for group healing. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Baptiste remains a decent pick in Overwatch, thanks to the easily spammable alt-fire AOE grenades. Moreso, his ultimate still works well in coordinated teams and syncs well with ranged compositions especially. As for the brawly dive meta, his death denying Immortality Field is still great, saving someone from getting assassinated on the backline. His Regenerative Burst works well when you’re close-range fighting on points with your allies. Baptiste remains a solid pick in the Overwatch 2 Tier List.

Brigitte is one of the stronger supports for damage dealing, with her hield knockback, melee attack and new Rocket Flail knockback make her incredibly bursty against DPS and supports. She also has two self peeling tools that can not be underestimated how valuable they are in the current quick play meta. Not to mention her healing packs are strong, granting her some levels of ranged healing and the inspire passive triggers on her shield bash too. The added charge on her shield up shield bash makes her easy to follow diving tanks too, popping inspire in the process on those who engage effectively. However, she has a clear weakness, which is against ranged heavy comps. Therefore, she is a strong pick, but very situational  Keep that in mind before committing to her.

Lucio is back to feeling good again in Overwatch 2. The pick has great healing potential with the healing aura, and works well with the movement speed in every active game mode, including push. Not to mention the new support passive allows him to passively heal while making the most out of his movement speed. Lucio also has decent self peel thanks to his alt-fire knockback when he needs to run in with a fast-moving DPS, or kite enemies. Lucio is a safe healer pick in the current Overwatch 2 Tier List meta.

In the B tier, we have Zenyatta. The Omnic monk is still great at providing burst damage and solid consistent single-target healing, and a fantastic AOE healing with his ult. However, he has no self peeling tools (outside his ult) and his burst damage is not ideal when the enemy does start diving. Zenyatta works well in some compositions, especially comps with good peeling or ability to put pressure on the enemy, but don’t expect it to work if the enemy has the momentum.

Overwatch 2 DPS Tier list – Best DPS in the PvP beta

Best DPS in Overwatch 2
Sombra’s quick hacks and execution windows make her one of the best DPS in Overwatch 2. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.
Tier Hero
S – Likely meta picks Soldier 76, Sombra
A – Strong Picks Genji, Sojourn,
B – Average picks Ashe, Bastion, Cassidy, Echo, Pharah, Reaper, Tracer, Widowmaker
C – Niche or slightly under tuned Hanzo, Mei, Torbjorn
D – Unideal Junkrat, Symmetra

In the Overwatch 2 DPS tier list, we have a fairly strange meta. Those that excel at diving seem to be fine at the minute, along with the ones who can do some incredible burst. This is why Sombra and Soldier feel like the best DPS in Overwatch 2.

The best DPS in Overwatch 2

Solider 76 can easily beat down the enemy DPS with his rockets and firepower, and has self-healing to sustain himself in the crazy brawly meta. Not to mention the aimbot ultimate makes it easier for beginner players who find it hard to track the faster moving DPS thanks to the new role passive granting 10% bonus movement speed.

Sombra is also one of the best DPS in Overwatch 2. Her hacks are more frequent on enemies, which means she gets bonus damage against those targets more frequently went ehy dip to 40% HP. The hack also reveals her target to her team, which is a nice bonus in favour for the nerfed hacked abilities nerf. Her ultimate also makes her apply the hack and do 40% current health damage to all enemies in its range. All in all, she is a great stealth assassin with some incredible burst, and perhaps the ultimate bane of support heroes right now.

A Tier DPS

Genji feels like a strong DPS in the current brawly meta in Overwatch 2. The pick is great at diving, causing a ruckus to the backline supports and DPS. The Deflect also buys him time in case he does find himself in an awkward spot while his damage feels good right now in all of his kit.

Sojourn is the new hero players are testing and she feels good. Building up her damage for her alt-fire feels good, and the damage the alt-fire does is great, especially when she lands a headshot. It is easily capable of one-shotting another DPS or support character. However, missing it does mean she feels slightly feast or famine. Her ultimate Railgun is also great for hitting multiple enemies with penetrating rounds and does solid burst against tanks and key targets too. This champ may feel weak in the hands of someone unfamiliar who struggle at aiming though.

B Tier DPS

Ashe Overwatch
Bob got a nerf, and her dynamite is harder to hit now. But it is still the sam Ashe. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The B tier of the Overwatch 2 Tier List contains Ashe, Bastion, Cassidy, Echo, Pharah, Reaper, Tracer, and Widowmaker. We will do quick notes since there are many and we don’t want to be here all day.

  • Ashe – Relies more on her primary fire to build her ult as it’s harder to hit enemies with her dynamite thanks to faster-moving DPS and less tanks on the board. Also, Bob lost 200 HP.
  • Bastion – New kit makes him more much interesting. However, going deep with the new flank potential means he is more exposed and he has no self-healing, which means he is much more squishy. New ultimate makes him great when paired with tank ultimates or site takes, however.
  • Cassidy – Losing the stun hurts, but now he does some great damage with his 130 damage sticky grenade, (presuming it lands) Still a great mid-ranged DPS in the right hands.
  • Echo – Weaker primary fire and cloning tanks are capped. It means Echo has lost quite a lot of value.
  • Pharah – She can avoid the dive brawly meta by going into the sky. It is still harder to aim with the projectile primary fire but the mercy Pharah combos feel great to play.
  • Reaper – Massive nerfs on pellet spread and damage coming into the beta makes him a weaker diver and tank shredder. Also, his evasive passive is less effective against tank gravity lockdown but still succeeds at diving DPS and supports in the right circumstances.
  • Tracer – One damage nerf per pellet means her one magazine one-shots to supports are more appealing. Failing to do so means the support passive role undoes a lot of the quick dives in and out damage playstyle that Tracer relies on.
  • Widowmaker – Has 200 heath (nice buff) now and still the same old skill dependent pick.

C tier and below

  • Hanzo – Blizzard reduced Storm Arrow’s damage to 65 damage from 70 in the beta patch. It means Hanzo can no longer kill most DPS in that single combo, putting a 200 health DPS at 5 HP rather than dead.
  • Mei – Mei’s overall kit is weaker and her phase no longer escapes gravity effects, but her slows are great in the dive meta against diving tanks and the tanks. She can also enable other characters like Ashe and Cassidy to perform with their grenades and peel for supports in these trying times. She is more comp dependent tan anything and fills a niche rather than being directly terrible.
  • Torbjorn – No longer gets bonus armor but gets bonus health, which is a nerf. The turret also adds extra firepower during the dives which is okay in the right siutation.
  • Junkrat – Junkrat lost his stun on his trap (major nerf), but now it deploys slightly faster which doesn’t relieve the pain it causes the junkman. It also doesn’t change the fact he still feels clunky to play and his ult is still easily killable.
  • Symmetra – Works better when there are more shields and the movement speed role passive weakens the turret stack cheese The loss of two CPs mode makes it harder for Symmetra defense strategies to work too.

This concludes the Overwatch 2 Tier List. Who do you think are the best tanks, DPS and Supports in Overwatch 2? Let us know in the comments below?

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