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Black Friday 8K TV Offers 2022

Black Friday 8K TV Deals are now live! We have all the biggest and best deals from across the web for 2022

Updated: Oct 14, 2022 10:59 am

Black Friday 8K TV deals are here. If you’re someone that is looking to maximize the pixel count on your TV, this page is for you. For a big juicy discount on a state-of-the-art 8K resolution TV, you’ve come to the right place… this is the ultimate TV-watching experience.

8K is still a relatively fresh development in the world of TV screen displays and is currently dazzling users with the highest resolution currently available on the TV market. With an 8K TV, you can expect the sharpest and most detailed picture quality, trumping lower resolution TVs due to the high concentration of pixels.

Now that Prime Early Access deals are over, our full focus is on Black Friday 2022. For the biggest and best 8K TV deals, stick with us as we take you through the world of 8K and continue to add deals in the run up to the biggest sales event of the calendar year.

Best 8K TV deals 2022

In case you haven’t heard, Black Friday falls on November 25th this year, meaning we’re starting to enter into the busy sales period. With so much new technology dropped this year, Black Friday is looking to be a busy time for retailers and shoppers alike.

In this next section, you’ll find everything you could need to know about the best Black Friday 8K deals. 

Where to find the best 8K TV Black Friday deals? 

You’ve come to the right place for the best Black Friday deals for 8K TVs. Since there’s so much choice on the web, we reckon your best bet is to put your trust in our experienced tech team to gather the best current 8K TV deals. In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, you can expect this list to be updated with any new deals that slip out otherwise unnoticed.

Here’s our 8K TV Black Friday sales shortlist:

Black Friday 8K TV deals

As we’re getting into the Black Friday spirit, you’ll find this next section covers our top Black Friday 8K TV deals all in one place. If you haven’t found one that suits your needs today, be sure to check back again soon in case anything new has been added.

Last year’s Black Friday 8K TV deals

US Deals
UK Deals
Canada Deals

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$500 off

65-inch Samsung QN800A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV

Custom URL

$1200 off

65-inch Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV

Custom URL

Save $1500

75-inch Samsung QN800A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV

Custom URL

Save $2300

85-inch Samsung QN800A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV

Custom URL

Save $2500

75-inch Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV

Custom URL

Save $3500

85-inch Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV

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When will 8K TV Black Friday sales start in 2022? 

Black Friday sales for 8K TV have already begun! Though it may seem a little early for discounts since Black Friday is still some weeks away, the experienced and savvy shopper will know that juicy deals start cropping up weeks before Black Friday hits. We’ve learned that it’s a sneaky strategy from tech retailers to start shifting stock in an effort to boost their holiday sales. Whilst you might initially have found this daunting information since it puts the pressure on the consumer to put in more time to find a Black Friday deal, the dedicated work of our tech team means the hard bit is done. All that’s left for you to do is choose a deal that suits your needs! 

How to get the best Black Friday deals in 2022?

Some sound advice from years of experience is to trust our tech team with what they do best. It’s literally people’s job right now to sniff out the best Black Friday deals for 8K TVs so that you don’t have to. If you want to grab the best deals, be sure to pounce on one that you like since the sales period is expected to be very busy this year. There’s nothing more frustrating than missing out on a brilliant discounted TV because you were too hesitant or slow off the mark. 

Don’t forget to check back on our page for regular updates Black Friday 8K TV deals as our tech team is forecasting plenty more to come! 

Why 2022 is a great year for Black Friday 8K TV deals

Back when Black Friday was around last year, you may have passed up on the chance of upgrading to an 8K TV. Now that we’re in 2022, it’s time to reconsider. We’ll be seeing the lowest prices ever for this fantastic bit of tech this year, as we expect buyers to be looking more and more into the possibility of grabbing one of those 8K TV deals.

We suggest that you look at all of the fantastic specs and features just below to get a better grasp on what you’ll be getting with your upgrade. That way, you can weigh up the price as soon as those first deals drop, all of which we’ll be covering right here in this article. There’s no need to panic, especially if you’re with us here as early as possible – we’re all primed and ready for 8K TV deals coming very soon for Black Friday 2022.

Features to consider when looking for a Black Friday 8K TV deal

Upscaling technologies 
Since 8K is relatively new to the market, 8K content hasn’t caught up yet. This means that the number one feature you should check out before buying an 8K TV is its upscaling ability. 8K TVs generally make themselves worthwhile by upscaling 4K, HD and standard-def content. Some of the best 8K TVs out there now for this purpose include Samsung’s stunning QN900B which uses AI-enhanced upscaling technology for the ultimately cinematic experience.

Sound quality
If you’re going all out for the ultimate cinematic experience at home, then you want to make sure your sound quality is up to scratch. The Sony Bravia XR Z9J, which has an excellent refresh rate of 120Hz uses Acoustic multi-audio technology which places specially designed speakers around the edge of the television allowing for an immersive auditory experience.

Some 8K TVs come with a gaming mode, making them ideal for whatever you fancy. However, if you’re looking for 8K purely for a more immersive and realistic gaming experience, then the TCL 6-Series 8K is looking to be an incredible option. Features include a THX-certified gaming mode for an excellent audio experience meaning you can hear a range of audio cues without wearing a headset or extra equipment. We also like it for its generous 4 HDMI inputs so you can connect multiplier consoles making it the ultimate option for a serious gamer. 

Black Friday 8K TV FAQs 

What do I need to check before purchasing an 8K TV?

It’s important to ensure that you have at least HDMI 2.1 to ensure that there’s enough bandwidth to support streaming content. HDMI 2.1 comes with a maximum bandwidth of 48Gbps which is three times more than the HDMI 2.0. Therefore, you might need to buy new cables so that the quality of 8K video isn’t compromised.

What’s the best budget 8K TV?

We’ve found the LG NanoCell 99 Series TV to be highly affordable, retailing under $2000 making it an even more attractive option during the Black Friday period. We like this TV for its AI assisted upscaling technology and its game mode, meaning the input lag is automatically lowered and the response time is improved.

Should I buy an 8K TV in 2022?

As Black Friday comes around each year, it’s worth asking yourself whether you want to make that big jump to the latest generation of tech. For anyone who makes regular use of their big-screen TV, Black Friday 2022 is a good time to go for the upgrade from a lower resolution.

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