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Blackmagic considerably drops the worth of its Atem Mini, Mini Professional and Mini Professional ISO reside stream switchers

Blackmagic has just made a pretty significant price drop across most of its popular Blackmagic Atem Mini product line video switchers. The 8-input Atem Mini Extreme series remain at their original prices, but the 4-input Atem Mini, Atem Mini Pro and Atem Mini Pro ISO, however, have had very large chunks knocked off each of their prices.

The base model Atem Mini has dropped from $295 to $195, the Atem Mini Pro sees a $200 drop going from $495 to $295 and the Atem Mini Pro ISO, which will allows you to record all four video signals, as well as the final mix, has seen the largest drop, going from $795 down to $495.

Each of the three Atem Mini units builds on the capabilities of the lesser version with the standard Atem Mini offering the basic live video switching functionality with transitions, picture-in-picture effects and a whole lot more. The Atem Mini Pro adds the capability to record your final stream locally before it enters into your computer for keeping a master copy of the final stream at a higher quality for later uploading. The Atem Mini Pro ISO expands this further by recording the final mix as well as each individual input to its own separate files, along with a DaVinci Resolve project file that lets you edit everything all over again in post. You can read about the full capabilities of each on the Blackmagic website.

The price drops initially appeared on the Blackmagic website but they seem to have begun dispersing out to other retailers now, too. Not all of them yet, though. So, you’ll want to shop around to find which companies reflect the new pricing if you’re interested in picking one up. B&H has dropped their prices on the three four-input Atem Mini models, although Amazon still shows the old price.

It’s unclear what’s prompted the price drop. It could be that Blackmagic is getting ready to announce new versions of the Atem Mini series and they simply want to clear out the old stock first, or it could be that they’re facing competition from the likes of Feelworld or YoloLiv’s YoloBox series – the latter of which are not only video switchers but also allow you to stream directly from anywhere without the need for a laptop or desktop computer.

The price drop also appears to be happening across the world and not just in the USA. In the UK, for example, the Blackmagic website lists the Atem Mini Pro for £305 with the Atem Mini Pro ISO at £505. It doesn’t appear to have hit all retailers in the UK yet. ProAV lists the Atem Mini Pro and Atem Mini Pro ISO at the new prices (plus 20% VAT), although WEX still lists them at their old prices – for now.

I expect other retails will catch up eventually. I might have to finally add that Atem Mini Pro ISO to my live-streaming setup!

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