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CAME-TV GS18 Light-weight Gimbal Assist Vest with Fast Launch Now Accessible

CAME-TV has just released a new lightweight gimbal support vest with quick-release capabilities: the CAME-TV GS18 vest. This vest is primarily designed to distribute the weight of your gimbal/camera setup to your shoulders/hips and relieve your front arms. So let’s take a closer look at it!

Chinese manufacturer CAME-TV is well-known for making affordable lighting, battery solutions, and camera support systems. The company already launched a Pro Camera video stabilizer kit for gimbals last year, as well as the more recent GS16 gimbal support with a maximum payload capacity of 18kg, and are now back with a much simpler lightweight gimbal support vest: the CAME-TV GS18.

Image credit: CAME-TV

CAME-TV GS18 features

The GS18 lightweight gimbal support system consists of a vest and a quick-release ball with a socket spud connector. The vest seems more rigid and fully featured compared to other systems like the Tilta LW dual-handle gimbal support system.

Image credit: CAME-TV

Indeed, the GS18’s vest has multiple ergonomic adjustment points, with two buckles at the back and four at the front.

Image credit: CAME-TV

The front of the vest features a dovetail-style plate. You’ll need to slide a plate with a ball connector onto the dovetail to attach your gimbal to the vest. This kind of design allows you to precisely adjust your gimbal’s height, which is not possible with Tilta’s solution.

Image credit: CAME-TV

As I mentioned, the plate features a ball mount to adjust the angle of your gimbal. This ball mount has one 1/4″-20 mounting point that attaches to the bottom of your gimbal. Furthermore, it has a socket spud connector to take your gimbal on and off quickly.

Image credit: CAME-TV

Price and availability

The CAME-TV GS18 lightweight gimbal support vest is now available for $298. The kit comes in a nice compact bag for storage or transport. As a direct comparison, the Tilta LW dual-handle gimbal support system is $209.

For more information, please visit CAME-TV’s website here.

What do you think about this gimbal support vest? Do you often use support systems to shoot long gimbal takes? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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