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Can Snacking on Path Combine Increase Weight Loss?

People are often confused about what kind of snack they can have during dieting which would not jeopardise their weight loss efforts. Life is not all about three square meals – there is snack time too 😛 More often than not, when 4 pm hunger strikes, it’s mostly about packaged stuff like potato chips, biscuits, cookies, cupcakes, bhujiya, toast, crackers, samosas and kachoris and you already know how many of them are diet friendly 😛 So, what’s your best option – yes, trail mix! This is a snacking option that has gained popularity as a replacement for unhealthy, empty calorie snacks, and was a food combination developed to be taken along on hikes. Trail mix is made by putting together a combination of various nuts, seeds, dry fruits, and sometimes even popcorn. So, can snacking on trail mix boost weight loss? Let’s find out:

Trail Mix Boost Weight Loss

Why Trail Mix is one of the Best Weight-Loss Friendly Snack?

A trail mix is a highly nutritious snack that you can put together in minutes, have it anytime and carry anywhere, even during travel, and eat guilt free. You can pack it up for office and kid’s lunch box as well. The best thing about trail mix is there’s no cooking involved! Another benefit is that you can always mix and match, and pick the ingredients that are easily available and suit you the best. Rich in protein, healthy fats, fiber, essential nutrients – a well-put together trail mix (preferably homemade) can keep you full for longer, rich in protein, healthy fats, essential minerals – all of which help to burn fat and boost weight loss, set the fat-burning furnace on fire. You can add simple yet ingredients like and popcorn and makhana to make the trail mix interesting as well.

So, what does an ideal trail mix constitute of?

Made from adding tiny portions of raw nuts, seeds, dry fruits, coconut flakes, roasted chickpeas, popcorn, dark chocolate chips, dry figs, banana chips, etc.

1. Raw Nuts – Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews, roasted peanuts. Also read: “How To Eat Almonds to Lose Weight.”
2. Raw Seeds: Pumpkin, sunflower, flaxseed.
3. Miscellaneous Ingredients: Popcorn, makhana, banana chips, coconut flakes, dark chocolate chips.
4. Dry Fruits: Raisins, dates, figs, apricot. Also read: “12 Food Combinations That Boost Weight Loss.”

But since all these items are calorie dense ingredients, if not careful, and when consumed without portion control, they can push you into calorie surplus, and make losing weight difficult. For example, take 3 parts almonds, 2 parts walnuts, 1 part cashewnut, 2 parts seeds, 1 part dry fruit, 1 part coconut flakes, etc. Just remember to keep the calorie count while making each trail mix packet.

What to Avoid in Trail Mix:

1. Candied fruits.
2. Colorful candies and the not-so-colorful ones as well.
3. Cheerios.
4. Pretzels.
5. Salted nuts.
6. Sweetened ingredients.
7. Marshmallow.

Summing up, for weight loss to happen, you need to maintain a calorie deficit, and practice portion control even with the healthiest of foods, the same applies for trail mix. And to lose weight fast, you can check out the Speed Slim challenge on Rati Beauty.
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