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Canon’s roadmap consists of 32 new lenses by 2026 in line with Canon’s CEO | Canon Rumors

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Canon published its annual business outlook this morning. Statements attributed directly to Canon CEO Fujio Mitarai indicate the firm expects to keep releasing lenses at the same pace (8 per year, according to Canon) for the next four years.

Mitarai’s comments in the notes of the presentation show a goal of becoming the number one mirrorless camera producer in the world. He stated that the camera market is bottoming out from a sales perspective, although from a unit perspective there may continue to be a decline due to continued attrition at the low end of the market.

Increase profits are expected from squeezing more efficiencies in production and “design efficiencies,” perhaps like those seen with the re-use of super telephoto lens designs between models.

New sales generators are expected in the “PowerShot” markets, where Canon releases new form factors and special-use products such as the PowerShot Pick. Sales for these previous releases haven’t been reported out separately.

Interestingly, Mitarai also emphasized that the new SPAD sensor that can see color in the dark will be mass produced by the end of the calendar year. Expectations are that this will find a home in security and other specialty use rather than in a prosumer application.

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