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Capricorn Horoscope Might 2022: Discover Your Individuals

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Believe it or not, your Capricorn May 2022 horoscope is looking *very* juicy, and although it’s full of drama, you know you love to spice things up! After all, it begins with a sun-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on May 5, shining a light on your talents and strengthening your connection with your creative instincts. Unleash your power, because expressing yourself is such a healing experience.

By May 10, you might even feel the blow of one too many late nights and a few too many moments of self-indulgence. As Mercury stations retrograde in your sixth house of daily routine, you may have some trouble getting back in sync with your usual rhythm. Discover new ways to make the day go by more smoothly! And don’t underestimate the power of nurturing yourself, because Jupiter will also enter your cozy fourth house on May 10. Embrace blessings on the home front, because domestic bliss has *never* felt so good.

STYLECASTER | Full Moon in Capricorn


However, on May 16, you may feel like a major change is brewing in your social life. As a lunar eclipse in Scorpio raises hell in your 11th house of community, it could bring hidden tensions to the surface and reveal the way others have influenced you and the way you’ve influenced others. Remember—everyone’s opinion matters, even if they conflict beyond repair. It’s time to spend time with the people who truly support you and align with you.

By May 22, Mercury will retrograde back into your passionate fifth house, which could resurrect old feelings and inspire you to rediscover your youth. Old habits die hard, but sometimes, you realize that what used to make you happy might not cut it anymore. Discover what makes you feel joy here and now!

STYLECASTER | New Moon Capricorn

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Either way, your personal life is embracing one blessing after another, and on May 29, you may feel inspired to embrace a commitment to your family and living space. It’s time to build the home you’ve always dreamed of, not fantasize about it forever! When a new moon in Gemini plants a seed in your practical sixth house on May 30, you’ll close off the month with a deeper understanding of how to actually get stuff done. But don’t forget—you can’t run with an empty tank.

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