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Did Hailey Bieber, Drake Date Earlier than Justin? Kanye West Rumors Defined

Confusing at first. After Kanye called them out on his Instagram, many fans are asking: Did Hailey Bieber and Drake date?

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, a stylist and global Vogue contributing editor, claimed that Kanye’s message of “White Lives Matter” during his Paris Fashion Show was “dangerous.” In an Instagram story, she said, “I guess I get what he tried to do— he thought it was duchampian. It wasn’t. It didn’t land and it was deeply offensive, violent and dangerous. Kanye responded to her story through cryptic Instagram posts by saying that Karefa-Johnson “is not a fashion writer” and proceeded to say “You speak on Ye Ima speak on you Ask Trevor Noah.”

Hailey expressed her support for Gabriella when the news broke between her and Ye’s feud. “My respect for you runs deep my friend!” Hailey wrote to the fashion editor on her Instagram Stories. She added, “to know you is to adore you and to work with you is an honor. the most kind. the most talented. the most fun. the most chic.” Among Kanye’s responses such as telling her husband Justin Bieber to come get her, Ye also called out Drake by posting a screenshot of an Entertainment Tonight article published in 2016 with the headline “Getting Serious? Drake Wears ‘H’ Necklace After Date Night,” to which he captioned it with “Get your girl before i get mad. You [supposed] to be my friend right. You wasn’t there when the Kardashians kidnapped my kids.” Though she’s happily married now, people are wondering why Kanye brought up the speculative romance and if it was actually real.

Read below to see if Hailey Bieber and Drake dated.

Did Hailey Bieber and Drake date?

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Did Hailey Bieber and Drake date? It hasn’t been confirmed, but there was a lot of speculation that Hailey and Drake dated.

In the same Entertainment Tonight article that Ye cited, the Certified Lover Boy rapper and model were seen out on a date in 2016 at celeb hot spot The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, California for a private dinner. The rapper was seen wearing an ‘H’ charm necklace which Hailey also sported at the time. A source told the outlet at the time that the two reportedly “hooked up” at Drake’s Memorial Day party where  they were “totally engrossed in conversation” and were both “very smiley.” Another source told People that they were “getting cozy” and “they were having a lot of fun together and were very affectionate.” Drake recently broke up with Rihanna, and Hailey was not dating Justin at this time. In a red-carpet interview with E! News in 2016, Hailey opened up about her friendship with Drake. “I’ve known [Drake] for a long time, I don’t know if people really know that,” she said. Hailey and Justin met in 2009, through her dad Stephen Baldwin. The two dated on and off until 2018 when Justin proposed and the two got married in a courthouse wedding.

After Hailey posted her story defending her friend, Ye responded. “Wait Am I canceled again???,” Kanye captioned an Instagram post of an E! article that reported Hailey’s support for her friend. “Justin [Bieber] please let me know.” In a later post, Kanye wrote, “REMEMBER MY ONE T SHIRT TOOK ALLLLLL THE ATTENTION [BECAUSE] YOU’RE ALL F**KING [PROGRAMMED] SHEEP,” Ye wrote in all caps. “AAAAAAAAAND THOSE BOOTS GAB WAS WEARING WERE F**KING TRAAAAAAAAAAASH BUT IM SURE JOHN LEGEND STILL WANTS A PAIR AND JUSTIN GET YOUR GIRL BEFORE I GET MAD.” John Legend ended his friendship with Kanye in 2016 when he backed Donald Trump for president. Ye also posted a screenshot of Drake liking his post dissing Gigi, Hailey and Justin. He captioned the screenshot of the like, “EVERYONE KNOWS ME AND DRAKE HAVE HAD A RIVALRY IN THE PAST IT REALLY WARMED MY HEART TO SEE DRAKE LIKE ONE OF MY POST WE STILL NEED THE DONDA TEAM TO PLAY NOCTA ALL DRAKE MUSIC WILL BE PLAYED AT DONDA GAMES MOVING FORWARD.

The feud between Drake and Kanye stemmed in the early 2010s, but they have since gotten along. Justin and Ye have been friends for years and the “Stay” singer was reportedly” bummed out” by the DONDA artist attacking his wife. A source told Hollywood Life, “He had so much love and respect for the guy, and they’d been friends for many years. Kanye has given Justin so much advice in the time he’s known him, and he has been a source of wisdom and advice” The source continued, “It was really a low blow to go after Hailey when she didn’t do anything wrong,” our insider said. “Justin is torn on if he should respond to Kanye’s insults or not. Everyone around him in his camp is advising him against it. They all think that responding would just add fuel to his fire. Justin has enough to worry about right now than get caught up in this drama. He has moved on from drama years ago.”

Another source told the outlet, “Justin knows that Hailey is her own woman and can speak up about anything she sees fit,” the insider explained. “She has her own opinions separate from Justin’s. But he won’t tolerate anybody disrespecting Hailey. He knows Kanye is coming for everybody at this point, so he’s not taking it personally. But if Kanye keeps it up, he won’t be left with any choice other than saying something.”


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