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Elden Ring Impaler’s Catacombs information

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Time to once again explore the rain depths of Elden Ring‘s Weeping Peninsula region. If you’ve not already had a chance to explore, this place is chock full of rain, enemies, and more dungeons than you can shake a stick out. Of particular note is the Impaler’s Catacombs, a dungeon tuck away at the northern corner of the area and guarded by some formidable opponents for the earlier parts of the game. Luckily, we can provide you with this guide that’ll make finding and clearing the dungeon a little easier on you.

How to find Impaler’s Catacombs

The easiest way to find this place is to approach from the Beside the Crater-Pocked Glade site of grace, but even if you’re only just into the region it’s not hard to reach. Coming from the bridge of sacrifice, follow the main road south until you hit the Castle Morne Ramparts site of grace. Nearby you should see one of those airstreams that you can use to rocket up onto the cliff. Do so, then head left and down the hill to find the point of grace we’re looking for.

From here you’ll need to either deal with the wizard enemies below or run straight past them on your horse. If you want to take them out, do so from a long distance with spells or a bow or they’ll summon a pretty tough opponent for early game characters. Once you’re done, ride your horse to the east edge of the cliff, and follow it north and you should see a door near some spirit jellyfish on your left side.

Impaler’s Catacombs walkthrough

Imaplers Catacombs Entrance

From the point of grace head down the stairs and wait at the top landing of the next set. An imp will clamber up from the side of the staircase, so destroy it, then hit lock-on to find another imp clinging to the wall ahead. Take it out from a distance or it’ll start chucking projectiles at you as you approach it. Either way, once they’re both dead carry on into the next chamber. The boss door is here but it’s closed right now, so head left and you’ll see an imp run at you from a long distance. Once again, a ranged approach is best because it’ll chuck stuff at you when you get close to it.

Another thing to look out for is the two imps hiding in the big chamber ahead. If you have to melee attack the first imp who aggroed on you, then you’ll turn around to see two more imps ready to take you on. If you’re using ranged options, you can see the one on the left before entering the cave, so take it out before going in to finish the last one-off. Collect your loot, then head into the next corridor to find a branching path. Straight ahead leads to a dead-end with a single imp inside, so just head right and down the stairs to continue the dungeon.

Classic video game trap

Impalers Catacombs Trap

Don’t step into the room at the bottom of the stairs. If you point your camera up at the ceiling, you’ll see why. Instead, step on it and then hop backward to see the ceiling rising up to the spikes on the roof. That would definitely kill you. Let the ceiling rise up then drop beneath it. Head forwards through the only exit to find a bunch of zombies that keep respawning endlessly. Great for rune-farming, but annoying for anyone who wants to keep the dungeon clear. Run around the room to grab the loot, then immediately move on to the next chamber.

In this chamber there’s an item on the left, but if you pick it up four zombies spawn behind you. Take them out and run the opposite way. As you go, even more zombies show up, but they also keep coming back, so just run to the ladder and climb it to find the boss lever. As you move on, an imp will come bounding around the corner to attack you but his sense of space sucks so if you move slowly he’ll completely miss you. Around the corner, you’ll find a window that’ll let you drop back into the boss room and take on the boss whenever you’re ready.

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