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Elden Ring Perfumer’s Grotto information

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If you’ve been exploring other dungeons in the Altus Plateau region of Elden Ring, then you might have come across an area in one of them that you couldn’t reach. Even worse, the area you couldn’t reach had a big, laser-shooting bug hanging from it that kept pelting you with rocks. Well, the secret is that our little buggy friend is hiding in the Perfumer’s Grotto, a different dungeon elsewhere in the region. This Elden Ring Perfumer’s Grotto guide will show you how to get there, how to survive, and how to exact sweet, sweet revenge.

How to Find Perfumer’s Grotto

Not only is this dungeon hidden away, but it’s also guarded by a very annoying enemy. It’s not overly strong, but the combination of the tight space and the poison-buildup will make it tougher to deal with, so consider bringing some fire magic or firepots along with you. Either way, you’re going to need to pick where to start from, with the closest point of grace being the Outer Wall Phantom Tree spot. You can also approach from the Grand Lift of Dectus, but no matter where you’re coming from, you need to head to the big staircase that leads into the walled area of the city limits.

If you haven’t already taken out the two Tree Sentinal bosses at the top of the stairs, approaching from the east could be tough. You’ll need to get to the second highest building on the left side of the stairs and look over the back edge. You should just be able to see the green cloud that surrounds the Giant Poison Flower standing outside of the dungeon. Take it out from a distance or just tank the poison, either way, this thing needs to go down before you can get inside. Once it’s dead, check behind it to find the point of grace waiting inside a cave.

Perfumer’s Grotto walkthrough

Perfumers Grotto Many Enemies

Head down the tunnel from the point of grace but go into stealth mode as soon as you see light ahead of you. This room is filled with those perfumers who you might have seen stalking around some of the mid-to-late game areas. There are three initially, but two of them will splinter off as you get close. Take out the one standing on the ledge first as it’ll get involved if you try to get the other two. Once they’re dead, take out the one below you as quickly as you can, and the other will approach from the area containing another Giant Poison Flower. Before you attack the flower, attract the attention of the Perfumer kneeling in front of it so you’re not avoiding fire powder and a cloud of poison.

Once they’re both dead, search the room for some Living Jar Shards (gross), and then move onto the northern side of the main cave. Head down the left path first, and make sure you don’t immediately aggro the giant flower. Instead, head towards the edge of the ledge to aggro the Perfumer first. Once they’re dead, dispatch the plant with a couple of matches. Once the big one is down, hop down and take out the little guys, and check the other side of the root to find two chests with loot inside. Now, it’s finally time for some revenge. Just outside of the next tunnel is the giant bug thing from the other dungeon.

Revenge is a dish best served from a bow

Perfumers Grotto Revenge

Peak around the corner so you can clap eyes on the giant buggy boy. As per usual, your best bet is to hop out and hit him from a distance with either magic or a bow. Once his attack finished charges, duck back into the corridor and wait for the rocks to finish falling. This one takes decent damage from a bow with Mighty Shot, but watch out while you’re hiding because some of the rocks can sneak around the corner and clip you. Once it’s dead, go and pick up the arteria leaf it dropped, and then clear out the tiny flowers near the boss room and pick up the loot. The boss ahead is another double boss, so consider summoning help or be prepared to die a lot.

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