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Elden Ring Sage’s Cave information

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Another fine day to stay inside playing Elden Ring all day, and you know what that means, exploring more caves. In the later stages of the game, caves go from being a fun exploration opportunity to deadly experiences deep underground, and that is certainly true for Sage’s Cave in Mt Gelmir. Luckily, this guide is here to make your time in this pit of the earth just a little bit easier.

How to find Sage’s Cave

Sage’s Cave is probably one of the easiest dungeons to find in the region, as you have access to it the second that you get into the Altus Plateau. If you climbed up the mountain and defeated the Magma Wurm to get here, then simply head to the left from the Abandoned Coffin point of grace and head for the eastern side of the shallow lake to find the cave. If you came up the great lift, you can just hug the cliff and head north until you find the Erdtree-Gazing Hill site of grace, then find the slope heading down behind the buildings and you’ll come across the aforementioned Abandoned Coffin point of grace. From there, follow the directions above to find the cave and activate the point of grace inside.

Sage’s Cave walkthrough

Sages Cave Shooting Skellies

From the point of grace, activate a light source and turn on the summoning pool if you want, then head down the dark tunnel until you find a little brook bubbling through the cave. Through the doorway that the water is running, you should see a skeleton patroling. Sneak up on it and take it out, don’t forget to double-tap it while it’s down if you’re not doing holy or occult damage to it. While it’s technically possible to take a leap off of the waterfall to skip some of the hazards, it’s tricky and not worth your time. Just turn around and go through the other passage opposite the waterfall.

Follow the tunnel down and open the chest to grab some sweet loot, but don’t go running for the shiny things ahead as they’re a trap. Opposite the shiny stones and pickups, there is an invisible wall between the two flaming grates. Attack it then get ready for a fight as four skeleton warriors will pile out of there. Take them out and make sure they don’t get back up before collecting your spoils. The tunnel that the four were guarding contains four chests with some equipment and consumables for you to pick up before you move on.

More skeletal surprises

Sages Cave Waterfall

Back in the main tunnel, keep following it down until you see light. There are 4 skeletons waiting in the next room, and one of them is wielding a big heavy ax that could cause you some trouble, as could the two archers. If you have any holy arrows, now is the time to bust them out, or you’re going to have to run into double-tap anyone who you take out. Although the archers are annoying, they’re not as deadly as the ax guy, so go ahead and take him out first if you’re melee-only. Just make sure you draw him towards the entrance of the cave to avoid aggroing the other melee skeleton.

Once all four are taken care of, you can grab the chest that one was guarding to find a new Stonesword Key. Down the tunnel just to the right of the chest are some more chests, this time containing holy arrows and a pretty awesome dex weapon. Collect it all then head into the next cave to find yourself on the other side of the waterfall. Leap to the next rock and smack the obviously fake wall ahead to reveal another chest room, this time containing some armor to go with your new weapon. Now it’s time to choose a boss for you to face.

Secret Boss vs Regular Boss

Sages Cave Invisiboss

As with certain other caves, there are actually two bosses hidden away in this place. One main boss that you’re supposed to find, and a secret optional boss that you have to search for. In the chest room where you just got the armor set, turn 180 degrees from the chests and smack the wall. This should reveal a new tunnel with another golden boss fog for you to go into. This contains the optional boss of the dungeon, Necromancer Garris. If you want to face the main Black Knife Assassin boss, leave this treasure cave and head into the waterfall chamber, then hop down the ledges that hug the left-hand wall to find the main boss gate.

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