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Elden Ring Wyndham Catacombs information

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The Altus Plateau region of Elden Ring is filled with lots of high-level enemies, and more special encounters than you can shake a stick at, but what do you expect from the plains surrounding the capital city? If you’ve already dealt with a Tibia Mariner in the area, then you might have already come across the Wyndham Catacombs and found yourself stuck for what to do. Luckily, we’re here to make your time in the dungeon as painless as possible.

How to find the Wyndham Catacombs

Whether you’re entering the region from the mountains or the lift, you have to take almost the same route. If you’re coming from the mountain, head east and climb up a slope. If you’re coming from the lift, just hug the cliff to your left and keep heading north. In both cases, you should come across the Wyndham Ruins pretty quickly. From there, head to the back of the ruins and look in the cliff face to find a doorway. Head inside and activate the point of grace to get started.

Wyndham Catacombs walkthrough

Wyndham Catacombs Traps

Run down the stairs and activate the summoning pool if you like. The boss door is right here, so no long journeys once you’ve got it unlocked. Head into the lift chamber but watch out for the pressure plate on the floor, it activates a lightning arrow trap behind you. Get on the lift and keep walking west until you walk into a little ledge. Grab the loot, then drop down onto the level below to start the dungeon properly. Head down the stairs and you’ll see a constantly falling blade and two imps. As you enter the room, the imps will start chucking projectiles at you. They can’t hit you from the other side of the room though, so pull out a bow or spells to take them down.

Once they’re gone, cross under the blade carefully, and round the next corner to see another imp hanging from the wall. Aggro him to knock him off the wall, then wait for him to come to you so you can avoid being ambushed. Once he’s dead, peek around the corner to the right to see a very tall imp waiting to ambush you. Destroy his hopes and dreams then slowly walk down the stairs but don’t enter the room yet. As you stand near the base of the stairs, a blob will drop from the ceiling and would have tried to land on your head given half a chance.

Blobs and zombies

Wyndham Catacombs Ambush Waiting

Take out the blob or two that drops, and any nearby zombies, then make sure you look up and attack the blobs that are still on the ceiling to draw them out before they drop on you. Apart from the aforementioned forbidden ceiling pudding, there are not too many surprises waiting for you in this room, just watch out for the pressure plate in the middle of the room, because it’s another lightning trap and you’re standing in water.

Take out the zombies and blobs, then take a look around the corner but don’t get too close. That’s a pretty tricky enemy just up ahead, so aggro him with your most powerful ranged attack then get stuck in with whatever your primary damage attribute is. If you’re struggling, you can always lure him out, then run behind him and climb the ladder, but watch out if he tries to follow you. Another option is to lure the enemy into the trap and use that to your advantage.

Treasure time

Wyndham Catacombs Bad At Hiding

Climb up the ladder, and watch out for both the imp on the ceiling and the pressure plate on the floor. Take out the imp carefully, then you can go into the sealed room if you have a Swordstone key on you. It only contained a talisman that boosts lighting damage while increasing damage intake though, so unless you’re lighting-focused it’s probably best to leave it. After that’s dealt with, head towards the next chamber, but not into it, and take out the imp from a distance to avoid his lightning jars. Step into the room once it’s dead, but immediately roll out again to find that there’s a room underneath the floor and spikes on the ceiling.

To get to the boss lever, you need to stand on the floor and then duck back into the hallway. Jump onto the floor as it lowers back down again, and sprint across the room, or you won’t have time to get to safety before you’re stabbed to death by the ceiling spikes. Once you’ve landed safely, spin 180 degrees and take out the imp on the opposite side of the room. In the next chamber, you can probably see another one of those golden knights, but take out the imp with the sword to your right first or you’ll be sorry. Now just walk forward and activate the lever to have the boss door open at the start of the dungeon.

Optional areas

Wyndham Catacombs Alcove Imp

There are a few things more that we can do now that we’ve activated the lift, or you can just head straight back to the start of the dungeon if you just want to fight the boss. Either way, you’ll need to get back across the spike trap. Run into the room and jump onto the spike floor, but instead of running across it, run back towards the ledge you were just on. Wait for the floor to start descending, then run across it to give you enough time to make it safely. You might need to stand in the alcove that the second lightning-chucking imp was using before, so if that happens wait for the floor to fall back down then jump and roll back into the hallway.

From here, you can follow the path back to go back to the main area, or you can activate the floor one more time to find some hidden loot items. This time when the floor goes up, drop down into the water-logged area beneath. From here, you can probably see a couple of zombies waiting in the next chamber, giving you ample sniping opportunity. It’s best to take out the four zombies in the room from a distance because as you get closer to the loot ahead, you’re going to have to defeat two giant crabs to get it.

Dead crabs are delicious crabs

Boss Door Open

Since there are two your best strategies are going to involve attacks that can hit more than one enemy at a time. Don’t try to get too much distance because these things love to rush up to you and crush you with their claws. Just focus on dodging their attacks and laying out damage and they won’t take too long. Now, grab the loot, then activate the lever to open the gate which gives you access to the start of the dungeon again. Just don’t get murdered by the falling blade on your way out.

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