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Evil Useless: The Recreation showcases Kandarian Demon gameplay in new trailer

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Evil Dead’s upcoming horror franchise adaptation game has released a whole new trailer featuring the Evil Dead Kandarian Demon side. Players can now get their first look at what they can expect from playing as the bad guy when the game releases in May.

Like Dead By Daylight, Evil Dead is going to have asymmetrical multiplayer. Those who jump into the game and play multiplayer can play as the baddie, aka Evil Dead’s Kandarian Demon. The Demon has quite a few powers, which allows them to manipulate the environment, create traps and perform other deadly moves.

The demon player can find red orbs throughout the map, which they can then use to spend and empower themselves. You can expect to lay traps in the chest, while you can cause cars to start driving themselves or make trees startle players. One of the other skills allows you to possess Deadites, meaning you can play as the agro zombies that roam around the map that you can use to attack players with.

In addition, the developers showcased the customization you can have over Evil Dead’s Kandarian Demon. You can choose the Henrietta Eligos and Ash theme demons, each with their own move sets. One demon alleys you to summon skeletons and drain enemies, while others will have entirely different move sets. 

Moreso, each of the demons you can select have different statistics that embolden their playstyle. There are various speed, defence, damage, and abilities stats, meaning each one will play very differently. It also implies that the survivors can beat back the monsters by scavaging weapons and other goodies to turn the tide against evil.