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FIFA 23 Early Entry Preload Date, time and extra

How to preload FIFA 23

Updated: Sep 23, 2022 2:42 pm

If you pre-ordered FIFA 23 then it is not long now until the 27th of September rolls around and you can finally play the game. However, if you did pre-order you will be able to preload the game early so the moment it releases you can just jump in and play. 

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As far as we know the moment it becomes the 27th of September in your region then the game will be good to play, however for now we don’t think you will be able to preload the Early Access that comes as part of the EA Play subscription. 

Below we will outline when each version of the game will be available to preload.

When is FIFA 23 Available to Preload on PC? 

If you play on PC, then the preload for FIFA 23 became available on the 21st of September. However there have been some issues with the download on Origin and Epic Games Store. 

When is FIFA 23 Xbox Series X|S Available to Preload? 

Well the good news is, if you’re playing on Xbox Series X|S, then you can download FIFA 23 already. It has been available for quite some time, in fact on the Xbox you could preload it nearly a month before release

How to Preload FIFA 23 on Xbox? 

Preloading on Xbox isn’t too challenging. If you follow the steps as listed below preloading will be over and ready in a flash: 

  • Go to my games and apps on the Xbox home screen 
  • Go to games
  • FIFA 23 should be listed below
  • Select FIFA 23 
  • If you press A the installation menu will be opened 
  • Select manage installation 
  • Once FIFA 23 is available to preload you can click install 
  • Now your game should be downloading 

When is FIFA 23 PS5/PS4 Available to Preload? 

Although there has been no official word from EA regarding when FIFA 23 can be preloaded on PlayStation consoles. 

We are expecting it to go live on September 25th at 6am CEST, 5am BST, 12am ET. While we think it will be on the 24th of September at 9 pm PT, due to the time difference. 

How to Preload FIFA 23 on PS5/PS4? 

Preloading a game on PlayStations systems is incredibly simple, but just in case this is your first time, please find below the steps you will need to follow: 

  • Go to your library from the PlayStation home screen
  • Go to purchased games
  • Once you find FIFA 23, click on it
  • Once it is available to preload there will be a download option
  • Select the download option
  • Now your PlayStation will begin to download FIFA 23 
  • Then, simply, you wait.

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