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Soccer Supervisor 2023 – Pre-order, subscriptions and extra

Where to pre-order FM23

Updated: Sep 21, 2022 2:07 pm

It isn’t long now until we can finally play Football Manager 2023 (FM23) for the first time when the game releases on the 8th of November. 

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Below we will take a look at the best place to pre-order each edition of the game as well as any bonuses that are offered as part of the pre-order. 

Where to Pre-Order FM23? 

Pre-orders for FM23 are now open, but only available for the Mac and PC version of the game. Pre-orders for the mobile, touch and console version of the game are likely to go live closer to release. 

At the moment of writing the only platform we have a price for is the PC/Mac version on Steam and the Epic Game Store. 

Football Manager 2023 is currently listed at £44.99, but if you pre-order the game you will receive a 20% discount. This will bring the total price of the game down to £36.00.

Pre-ordering the game now will also give early access to the game. It is not official how long this will be yet, but it is normally a couple weeks. 

We expect the console version of the game to also cost £44.99, the same as the PC/Mac version. 

The mobile version of the game usually costs £8.99, so that is how much we would expect it to cost this time around too. 

FM23 Pre-order bonuses

There are a few reasons to pre-order FM23, firstly if you pre-order the game on PC/Mac you can have up to two weeks early access. That’s just long enough to wrap your head around any of the new mechanics before you get properly settled into a new save. 

The other reason to pre-order is the 20% off you will receive off the games total price. By pre-ordering on PC/Mac you will save £9 in total, which is useful considering the game has gone up in price this year. 

As previously stated, it is still unknown when pre-orders will go live for the other platforms and if it will include any of the above benefits. 

The platforms include: 

  • Steam
  • Epic Game Store
  • Xbox (Xbox Game Pass)
  • Nintendo Switch (Touch) 
  • Mobile 
  • Apple Arcade 

What subscription services is FM23 on? 

FM22 was the iteration of the game to appear on Xbox in over 14 years. It wasn’t just on Xbox though, it was available via Xbox Game Pass. This time around we are expecting FM23 to release once again on Game Pass, but it is also coming to Apple Arcade for the first time. 

For now, all we know is the Touch version of the game is coming to Apple Arcade, so we are still unsure if the Mobile version of FM23 will be available too. We should find out more of these details as we approach the release date. 

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