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Full Moon Circle: How To Host A Moon Circle With Your Individuals

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A full moon in Virgo greets us in the early AM hours of March 18, 2022, which means the time has come to host a full moon circle (yay!). Many ancient cultures and spiritual seekers have worshiped the moon during its various stages and rhythms. It reflects our own life path—as we move through different stages, so too does the moon. 

Not to mention, the moon quietly influences our daily existence. It dictates the tides (may I remind you that on average humans are composed of 60 to 75 percent water), impacts animal behavior (and dare I suggest people’s too, anyone else have trouble sleeping on a Full Moon?), as well as other organisms, such as coral and plankton. In astrology, the moon rules our emotional state and is associated with divine feminine energy. It dictates how we express our feelings and vulnerability, which is why the moon sign of your natal chart speaks to your self-perception and inner life. 

And because every moon is unique, this lunar event is not just a full moon. It’s also known as the Worm Moon, which nods to its springtime positioning and the cycle of life.

What Is a Full Moon?

The full moon symbolizes a completed cycle and reminds us of our oneness with the Universe. Virgo, an earth sign, invites us to ground ourselves, as we remember our own divinity. While the beginning of a cycle (hello, new moon) is a time to set intentions, the end of a moon phase calls for us to release what no longer serves our highest self and good. 

From the Native Americans to pagans, the full moon has long been celebrated as a time to unite and reflect on our lives. While such practices are seen less today, taking the time to connect with the sacred elements that exist within you can be a profound experience, and despite popular belief, you don’t need to be at a spiritual retreat in an exotic location to do so. 

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What Happens at a Full Moon Circle? 

The essence of a full moon circle is uniting and recognizing our own consciousness within each other and nature. This idea alludes to unity consciousness, a belief that we are all truly one. A deep understanding of unity consciousness may allow us to look at each other with eyes of love, as we surrender to the humbling notion that we are the energy that creates the universe. 

People host moon circles to gain a sense of clarity and manifest their intentions set during the new moon phase. Although many physically come together, it can be a very personal experience. So without further ado, here are six tips to host a full moon circle.

There are few things greater in life than being fully seen as the multifaceted individual you are by the people closest to you. Just remember, spirituality looks different for everyone, so even though you may be the “woo-woo” friend of your group, lead by example and adopt an open mind, encouraging others to do the same. Fostering a deep connection and sitting in reverence of each other’s energy is beautiful—whether or not everyone’s conscious mind is fully aware.

Wherever you’re holding your moon circle, clear the space by disinviting any energies that are not there for your highest good (it’s as simple as saying it aloud!). You can also burn sage or palo santo, helping to rid the old and make space for the new. 

Ask participants to bring something to add to the altar or the middle of your circle. Bring items that represent the elements of the earth. To symbolize earth, consider bringing stone, crystals or herbs. Fire can be characterized by matches or candles, whereas air may be seen by feathers or oils. And for water, well, I think you can figure that one out. 

During this time, consider meditating or practicing a visualization exercise. Many people will be surprised by the downloads they receive from just a few minutes of intentional stillness. Listen to your intuition and heart. Bonus if you can connect to the Earth by sitting on the ground while doing this, especially since the moon is in Virgo! 

Afterward, write down anything that came up. Though archaic to some, magic happens when paper meets pen, so consider ditching your Notes app. 

The full moon metaphorically and physically can illuminate all aspects of life. By gaining a sense of awareness, you can better decipher what or who is misaligned in your life. This will allow you to bridge the gap of who you are right now with who you know yourself to truly be.

Consider burning paper (or anything that symbolizes a release) or chanting a mantra (this can help to further ground you and bring you to the present moment). You can also make noises while jumping around and dancing. Think about what you’re releasing as you move around the stored energy in your body.  

Sit and enjoy each other’s company. Have a meaningful conversation about life and what you’re currently asking the universe to provide. You can even grab your favorite deck and do tarot readings. Embrace the moment and just be.

  • Express gratitude (and feel it!)

Close your eyes and just feel where your body is and who you are surrounded by. Send the people in your life love by imagining a dazzling, golden light coming out of your own body and being transmitted to them. 

Complete the circle by writing down who or what you are grateful for. You may feel called to share, but if you would rather not, that’s okay too. The leader of the circle can officially close it through a channeled message or prayer. 

The most important part of the moon circle is to have fun, while bringing out your group’s unique energy. Talk, connect, laugh and enjoy the moment. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to host a moon circle. These are merely suggestions to help you cultivate a circle with intention, so take what resonates and leave the rest.

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