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We’re lucky enough to have many female role models in our lives. Whether they’re our friends, teachers, mothers, neighbours, sisters-in-law, grannies – just about anyone we can turn to for a hug or a listening ear. At this time of year, we also think about those who find Mother’s Day a little tricky, those we’d like to show some extra love and support.  

That’s why the Tropic HQ team has come together to choose our favourite indulgent gift ideas. The perfect tokens of love, appreciation and gratitude for the glorious women who guide and ground our lives. 


For the lady in your life who’s always running around and struggles to switch off. So Sleepy Temple Balm, Pillow Spray and Unwind Hand Balm are infused with a tested blend of wild lavender, frankincense, and chamomile essential oils – guaranteed to induce a deeply restful snooze. 

ELIXIR age-defying omega oil  

Glistening with rejuvenating vitamin E and nourishing moringa, jojoba and rosehip oils, our golden Elixir gifts a luxuriously soft and supple glow to anyone (and anywhere) that needs some extra TLC.  


A lovely treat for someone that spends a lot of time on their feet, this natural pedicure kit contains a fizzing foot soak, exfoliating pebble and our Repairing Foot Remedy. Who doesn’t love a foot massage? 


Their eyes will open wide when they unwrap this gift from you! A generous collection of Eye Work Rejuvenating Serum, Eye Dream Age-Defying Overnight Butterbalm and Hydrogel Eye Masks – for happy eyes that feel plump, bright, and soothed.  

BODY LOVE firming butter  

Does your loved-one ever sigh and say: ‘I just need a holiday!’ Give her the escape she deserves, with our tropical scented body buttercream! Blended with skin-firming pink peppercorn and uplifting lemon essential oils, it’s an instant mood-booster. 


Our go-to gift for sensitive skin and ladies of all ages. Natural coconut cleansers create a bathtub of pH-balanced bubbles, while luxurious macadamia oil conditions and aloe vera extract deeply hydrates for fluffy, feel-good relaxation.   

SOOTHE THE SENSES luxury body oil 

Are you looking for a gesture a little more inspired than a bunch of flowers? This beautiful blend of buriti, argan and frangipani oils brings a sweet marzipan scent that is guaranteed to uplift the senses and make their smile bloom.

RINSE AND RETREAT sensitive body wash 

Fragrance-free, delightfully creamy, and completely pH-balanced for intimate areas of skin – this is a must-have for new mothers or those carrying little buns in the oven.

SO SLEEPY pillow mist  

This sleep tonic shows you really care and understand. Whether your role model is dealing with early rising tots, a new-born baby, a stressful life event, or if she often skimps on sleep to look after you and others – this mist brings the irreplaceable gift of sweet dreams. 

WHIPPED BODY VELVET intensely rich buttermelt 

If you’ve scrolled to the bottom of this list and you’re still struggling to choose, simplify all decisions and go for Whipped Body Velvet. Drizzled with coconut and vanilla extracts that smell like buttercream icing, we all love that super-smooth, ‘silk pyjama’ feeling. 

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