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God Of Warfare Ragnarok Dualsense Controller

The Boy In Your Hands

Updated: Oct 19, 2022 8:36 am

A brand new Dualsense Controller is on the horizon, to release alongside November’s PlayStation exclusive God Of War Ragnarok. But where can you get this limited edition God Of War Ragnarok Dualsense controller?

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Kratos & Atreus (and me) all have you covered with everything you need to know about the newest limited edition Dualsense Controller, and where you can get it from. So strap yourselves in, prepare to travel through Midgard and beyond and 

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When Was The God Of War Ragnarok Dualsense Controller Announced?

God of War Ragnarok k

The new controller was announced during the September State Of Play in which they showed off exactly what the controller looks like. The special-edition Dualsense Controller has a unique two-tone design, featuring cool blue coloring on the side of the controller and an icy white design everywhere else. The center touchpad is adorned with a wolf insignia to represent the wolves that will cause Ragnarok. 

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The controller also has the standard features of a Sony PlayStation Dualsense controller such as a create button, a dedicated mute button, adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, and full haptic feedback.

The release date of the controller is the same day as God of War Ragnarök itself, November 9th. You can currently still get the controller, but where from?

Where Can I Get The Controller From?

You can get the controller from a few different retailers. These include:

The controller retails at £64.99 in the UK, making it a rather expensive prospect for people who already own a PlayStation 5 controller and who just want to show off their fandom. Perhaps then it’ll be a more attractive purchase to people who are looking for a second controller so they can play games with a partner, a friend, or just with random people who happen to show up at their house occasionally with absolutely no warning.

It’s unclear HOW limited these new God Of War Ragnarok Dualsense controllers actually are, given that there’s no particular precedent for them. The latest availability indicates the controllers are still around, but it’ll be worth picking one up extremely quickly if you can though, given how scalpers escalated tensions during the initial PS5 launch period by purchasing all of the consoles and selling them at a rather severe markup. 

This issue could be greatly exaggerated by the fact that God Of War Ragnarok is perhaps the second most anticipated game of the entire year behind Elden Ring, and people are extremely excited about the game. The title recently went gold, meaning that not only is it finished primary development, but if it were to ship right now then it would be able to be played by actual people like you and me.

Are Dualsense Controllers Compatible With PS4?

Dualsense Controllers are not compatible with PS4. While you can use PS4 controllers on PS5, the technology in the DualSense controllers would cause any attempt to run them on PS4 hardware to backfire spectacularly. It’s unlikely any of the special functions the controller has would work on a PS4 for example, and games on that system simply don’t support the architecture of a PS5 controller.

God Of War Ragnarok FAQs

When Does The Controller Release?

Are Dualsense Controllers Compatible With PS4?

Sadly no. The sheer level of technology inside the Dualsense vastly outweighs anything inside the PS4 controller, and anything inside the actual PS4 itself.

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