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The right way to Manifest Your Dream Job In 5 Easy Steps

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Have you found yourself spinning in circles trying to find your dream job without seeing any real, tangible results? I am here to help you break through the patterns of wanting your dream job desperately without getting any results and get you to a place of fulfillment with your work life. If you’re wondering how to manifest your dream job and have no clue where to begin, it all starts with five easy steps. As long as you follow each part of the process, you’ll obtain the career you’ve always wanted in no time.

Your identity is often interwoven with your work, as many of us have a tendency to define ourselves based on our chosen profession. We live at a point in history where exhaustion hubris spreads like wildfire, encouraging people to brag about working themselves to the bone for 50+ hours per week. As a result, we often only have enough energy to binge-watch and order dinner off of an app at the end of each day. The problem isn’t you, but the structure that our society is built on. This need to keep up with the rate race keeps many of us desperately clinging to jobs we hate in order to make ends meet.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way! Waking up every morning feeling excited about your work is totally possible, especially if you’re ready to manifest your dream job. And don’t forget to cultivate a career that allows you to complete a hard day’s work without feeling too exhausted to enjoy your hobbies and cater to your personal life! Ready or not, here are the five core steps to manifesting your dream job:

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1. Define Your Dream Career

Before you start the process of manifesting your dream job, here are a few key points that will help you define the terms of your dream job. Get to know your own unique requirements and desires for your ideal career. Ask yourself the following questions and write them all down with a pen and paper:

  1. Whose work do you admire or feel inspired by and why? (Try to list at least 3 people)
  2. What do I enjoy about my current work? (This could mean a consistent paycheck, or time-off if you are in-between work, your boss, the tasks you are responsible for… anything that comes to mind)
  3. If I could plan out my dream week with work, what would that look like? (Be as detailed as possible here)
  4. What is my goal or intention with my work?
  5. What does proper work-life balance look like? (Try to separate your life from your job here, we want to work on reclaiming your value outside of your job or title)
  6. What emotions would I feel in my dream job?
  7. What would change about my life if I was in my dream job right now? (Would you alter the way that you dress? The way that you talk to other people? The way you walk down the street? Try to be honest with yourself)

Once you have all of the questions above answered, set your answers aside and move on to step two.

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2. Recognize, Own & Honor Your Current Reality

In order to begin manifesting, you first have to acknowledge and take accountability for the current state of your career. This does not mean that everyone has an equal playing field, but quite the contrary. We have seen time and time again that there are external forces and structures in place that can leave certain people disadvantaged. However, taking note and accepting what is present in your life is an integral part of bringing yourself from where you are now to where you want to be. 

The 3 main pillars of human existence are to experience, to learn and to grow. In order to manifest your dream career, you need to define a career that satisfies all three of these aspects of your life. For example: if you love working with your hands, you enjoy calm settings and you experience growth through dedication and repetition, you might thrive as aesthetician working at a luxury spa. In this example, you would do well working in a serene work environment, working with your hands, and doing the same task for many different people week after week. 

The 3 main pillars of human existence are to experience, to learn and to grow.

As a full-time astrologer, Tarot card reader and a writer who has been self-employed for over three years, I’m living proof that your dream career is possible. I remember calling my mother after moving across the country to a city I had never lived in before and saying “I wish that I could have a job that was similar to being a therapist, but mainly with young women who want to work on their career and their love life. I don’t know how to get there, but I want to use my intuition in order to get them to achieve their goals”.

Just a few years later, I had had the opportunity to work 1:1 with my Tarot mentor, study astrology, and lead meditations and workshops all over Los Angeles. I also offer spiritual services to global brands, and write for major publications that I had grown up reading and idolizing. The next few steps will help you take the understanding that you have about your dream job and turn it into your reality

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3. Visualize Your Dream Career

This is the fun part! Step three is all about using your imagination and brain power to do the heavy lifting. In order to manifest your dream career, you need to be able to *see* yourself in your dream career. Spend time picturing yourself in your ideal job and visualizing what a normal day at work would look like.

Take a deep breath and see yourself in your dream job. Notice the way your office space looks, where you’re located, who’s there with you or if you are alone, what perks your job has, how you’re dressed for work, and most importantly, how you feel. Let the emotions and feelings of doing what you love for a living course through your body.

As you visualize this, spend time focusing your energy onto the center of your heart. Imagine all the positive emotions you’re experiencing to flow through you like golden flecks of light, watching them course through your entire body. As you sit in this meditative and imaginative space, do not separate yourself from that your ideal reality. Allow yourself to believe that you’re living this life right here, right now. Get as detailed as you possibly can during this step, as you can start to integrate some of the things you visualized. Something as small as the pen you watched yourself write with, the pair of pants you were wearing during in the visualization or even the morning beverage that you saw yourself sip may linger in your mind, acting as a guideline for how to live your dream life.

When your dream reality starts becoming your present reality, your manifestations will begin to arrive much more quickly. However, remember that your active participation in the manifestation is still required. Accountability, clarity, visualization and aligned action can collapse the timeline and bring you success as fast as possible. By living as your manifestation, you’re rewiring your subconscious mind, unblocking your energy and leaving yourself open for opportunities to arrive.

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4. Take Action & Be Patient

As previously mentioned, your actions play a key role in your manifestation process. After all, manifestation is a dance between you and the Universe, meaning that some of this process will require you to “act” and other parts of the process will require you to “rest and receive”. The main understanding here is that when you do act, make sure that it aligns with your words (or the dream that you have expressed, which lives inside of your heart).

However, the workaholic tendency to stretch yourself thin while manifesting is no better than working yourself to the bone at your current job. Working hard and getting all your self-esteem from your work is going to further distance you from your ultimate dream, so make sure to go with the flow of this process. The quality of your actions is more important than the quantity, so be conscious of when you are choosing to act and when you are choosing to surrender. This might mean reaching out to a recruiter, enrolling in a course or training program, going back to school, investing in yourself or networking with people in your desired field or company. As long as you take the opportunities that are presented when you’re in the right place at the right time, you’re meeting your manifestations in the middle.

Before I was a full-time spiritualist and writer, I worked in corporate finance. I was working 10-hour shifts that started as early as 7 a.m. after driving 45 minutes to get to work and upwards of 2 hours to get back home. In total, I had to dedicate nearly 13 hours of my day to my job. I was miserable, to say the least!

It took action to leave this lifestyle behind, but it also took faith in the process. The first job I had after I left my six-figure job in corporate finance was a front desk position at a meditation studio making minimum wage. I was living off of credit cards, struggling with my identity and feeling unsure of what to do with my life. But something told me to hold on, trust the process and keep opening up to the like-minded I was meeting at the studio. Through this entry-level job, I was able to connect with some of LA’s most well-known healers and spiritual teachers, which eventually lead me to teaching meditation classes and workshops myself. Putting myself out there eventually led to a mentorship with one of my favorite Tarot readers of all time. From that point on, the rest is history!

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5. Believe In Yourself

Not everyone wants the dream job that you yearn for. There’s a reason you’re dreaming of this career, because it’s also you’re destiny. Remember that you were chosen to carry out this mission, so take it seriously! You were put on this planet for a reason and it’s time to start believing in that reason. No setback, insult, judgment or failure could sway your belief in yourself, because you already know you were destined for this success. Belief is a powerful energy, so start allowing your subconscious to soak up your belief in yourself.

This won’t happen overnight, but over time. Try writing down three things that you are proud of each morning and 3 things that you want to celebrate about your day each evening. This small ritual can eventually lead to groundbreaking shifts in your thought process and subconscious belief system. It is always wonderful to be surrounded by people who encourage you and celebrate your wins, but the real magic happens when you become your biggest supporter and your loudest cheerleader. 

You’ve got this, babe! Follow up with yourself as you take aligned action toward your goals nad dreams. Hold yourself accountable for your progress and show pride in your journey along the way. I promise you haven’t missed the chance to make your dream life your reality, as it’s never too late. If you follow these instructions and dedicate yourself to living a more aligned life, you won’t be able to believe how much your life has changed by this time next year!

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