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How one can Stop Your Face from Drying Out Throughout Winter with These Six Easy Suggestions

How to Prevent Your Face from Drying Out During Winter with These Six Simple Tips – Winter is knocking at our door, but before you open the door, please pause and think, are you ready for winter yet? Well, to be more specific, is your skin all set to battle the winter woes? Our skin can get dry and dehydrated anytime, but when the weather starts shifting to the slightly cooler side, most of us experience dry, parched skin. Winter calls for extra effort in our skincare routine.

Basically, our skincare regime should change according to the weather. If you haven’t already started prepping your skin for winter dryness, you better do it now! Don’t wait till you see cracked, red and itchy skin on your cheeks. To combat the winter woes, we must adopt a few skincare habits that will ensure our skin stays soft and moisturized, no matter how harsh the outside weather is.

However, practicing the right skin care habits alone can’t do it all for us. It is also mandatory to use the right skin care products as well. For example, as winter is approaching now, your skin needs nourishing and gentle products to maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance. The Body Shop, a well-known skincare brand, has exactly what your skin requires. The Body Shop products are divided into various ranges, and you can pick what exactly your skin requires to stay healthy and glowing.


To make it all simple for you, we’ve listed a few tips below that’ll help your face from drying out during winter.


Wash your Face with a Gentle Cleanser

The basic step of our skincare routine is cleansing. But you got to be very careful about choosing your facial cleanser, which not just depends on your skin type, but the seasonal weather also plays a vital part in picking up your face wash. During winter, use a face wash which is gentle, hydrating, nourishing and maintains your skin’s natural moisture balance. But, at the same time, it must cleanse your face deeply.

For example, you can use a face cleanser enriched with vitamin E to prevent your face from drying out in winter. The Body Shop’s face wash is one such fantastic cleanser for winter. It is a cream-based cleanser which is ideal for winter. It suits all skin types. Along with providing hydration and nourishment to our skin, it also fights off acne and blemishes, which is a big bonus for sure.


Avoid Warm Water

When it is chilly outside, you certainly can’t think of exposing yourself to cold water. Whether it is to shower, wash our hands, or face, we only prefer warm water. But please don’t repeat this mistake this time. Using warm water on your face is a vital factor that makes our skin dry and dehydrated in winter. In addition, the warm water breaks down our skin’s natural protective barrier and makes our skin more prone to dryness and damage. Hence, skin experts recommend using lukewarm water in the shower and while washing your face.


Apply Moisturizer on Damp Skin

Now, this is a no-brainer, right? We need moisturizer throughout the year for maintaining a healthy skin. But most of us are guilty of skipping moisturizer for most of the year and rushing for one as winter arrives. Skincare experts always recommend using a moisturizer around the year, but you must change the formula per your skin’s requirements with changing weather. For example, a lightweight, gel-based moisturizer is a good option for summer and most Winter skin care tipsof the time of the year, but winter calls for something intensely moisturizing.

The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range consists of a few amazing moisturizers for Dry skin. The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream is one such bliss for people with dry skin. The formula is hydrating, nourishing and very effective for dry to dehydrated skin. In fact, it claims to provide 72 hours of refreshing hydration. However, the best part is that despite being so intensely moisturizing, the cream is lightweight and fast absorbing.

And remember to apply moisturizer on slightly damp skin. This makes the moisturizer simply melt in the skin and makes it much more effective to seal the moisture in.


Use a Night Cream Religiously

Ideally, we should always use a day cream and a night cream separately. Both have different purposes. A day cream not just moisturizes the skin but also protects skin from environmental factors, whereas night cream repairs the skin damage, provides nourishment and puts the lost hydration back while we sleep at night. The night cream is like an overnight treatment for your skin to prevent dry skin in winter.

Even if you are someone who doesn’t like using two different moisturizers throughout the year, please invest in a good night cream, at least in winter. Winter is really harsh on our skin, and any lag in our skincare routine during this time can cause skin damage, such as premature skin ageing. The Body Shop’s Vitamin E night cream hydrates, protect, and replenishes skin without making it greasy.


Take Care of Your Under Eye Area

The skin around our eyes is more fragile than the rest of our bodies. It is much thinner and contains very few oil glands to keep it properly hydrated. Hence, this sensitive area requires extra care to keep it looking its best. Otherwise, dry winter weather and chilly air can wreak havoc, and you might notice a few wrinkles and lines even before winter bids adieu. So do, invest in a good eye cream to avoid that.


Don’t Forget Your Lips

Lip balms are a must for every day of the year, regardless of the season. If you want your lips to stay in good condition, never ever skip a lip balm. However, when we are talking about winter skincare, it is essential to consider a highly nourishing and moisturizing lip balm to keep our lips soft and supple in dry, cold weather. Since our lips are constantly exposed to cold weather, be very careful while getting the best lip balm.

This winter, give The Body Shop’s Shea Lip Butter a try. It is an intensely nourishing lip balm that helps to lock in moisture and soothes dry, parched lips. The clear, shiny formula comes with a subtle yet delicious nutty smell, making it all the more irresistible.

So, these were six very simple and basic tips to prevent your face from getting dry in winter. I hope you found it useful. No matter what your skin’s type is – whether it is dry, normal, or combination, everyone must follow these basic skin care tips to maintain beautiful soft skin amidst rough, dull winter.

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