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Inside My Digicam Bag | Pablo Wilson

I’m Pablo Wilson, a portrait, fashion, and advertising photographer. I became interested in photography at a very early age when my parents gave me my first camera, a Polaroid 1000. It’s the one where Instagram got its first logo.

Since that day, I’ve always been into photography, and my professional photographic life started about twenty years ago, so it has been a really long time!

Mostly I like working with people, and I don’t really care about what kind of photography I find myself shooting. What I really enjoy are impromptu portraits or really simple setups.

I can safely say that I’m one of those people who love their job and will probably never retire. Just like Elliott Erwitt said, “I’m a photographer with a considerable hobby, which is photography.”

A few years ago now, I was unfortunately robbed, and the thieves broke into my studio and stole well over thirty grand of gear that I had accumulated over the years.

I could not stop crying over this loss, and  I decided to buy only enough gear for shoots that I was commissioned for. I’ve purchased about one-eighth of the gear that I had, and I’m sincerely happier with this less.

I hated having all that stuff, and it was probably getting in the way of making pictures.

Presently I’m continuing on this minimal approach to gear. Less is more, and you can check out my series of portraits that I did in under thirty minutes with one camera, one light, and one modifier, great results! 

My first professional camera was a Mamiya RZ67 ProIID, then I went to the Nikon full frame system (D2, D3, D4, D810), and then along came Fuji!

Fuji kindly loaned me a camera (Xpro2) for an assignment that I had traveling through South East