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Is Shopping for Magnificence on Amazon Secure? – The Small Issues Weblog

Amazon has become the first place we check to make a purchase because it typically has the fastest shipping. Sometimes it even has the best price! But are you sure you know where your items are coming from when you buy off of the massive Amazon marketplace?

There is a way to check, and it’s what I do when I’m making a beauty purchase through Amazon.

See the text under the yellow and orange “add to cart” and “buy now” buttons? It states where the item is shipped from and who it’s sold by.

If it’s shipped and sold by the brand of the item you’re purchasing, then in my opinion, you can trust that the product is authentic.

Here is an example of a beauty product that is not sold by the matching brand.

Do you see what it says under the orange “buy now” button? It says it’s shipped from Amazon and sold by Club Distributors. I don’t know what club distributors is, so that would be a retailer name I would want to check out.

This isn’t fool-proof, of course. And one of the most essential steps you can take before making a purchase from an unknown seller is to check the return policy.

I’ve purchased plenty of beauty items from Amazon and it has all been fine. The only time I was sent an empty product was when I purchased a ring cleaner for my jewelry. It arrived to me completely dried out!

I hope this helps you feel a little bit more secure about making purchases from Amazon!

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