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Misplaced Ark Aurion World Boss Information: Location, Loot & Ways

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Lost Ark’s End game has several ways to play the game and acquire gear. For T3 players, you have a variety of desirable content, including the new Abyss Raids, along with a variety of World Bosses like Moake, and the usual Abyss Dungeons and Chaos Dungeons. One of the World bosses you’re likely going to want to pay attention to is Lost Ark’s Aurion. We will guide you through what you expect against Aurion and the tactics and tips you’ll need to farm it effectively.

Lost Ark Aurion Location

The red circle marks the spot

Firstly, Aurion is located on the island of Wildwater. It is a tiny island that spawns per the Procyon Compass events you can find in your calendar under the Field Boss section. When the island boss is available, you can find it in the sea tile on the world map between Rethramis and Punika. You can find it on the right side of that map tile before the Whispering Sea. We have attached an image the help pinpoint the exact Lost Ark Aurion location. 

When the boss event is up, you will need 1385 item level to take part in the activity.  You can technically take part in the event slightly below the recommended item level, but you may find you get one shot more often.

Lost Ark Aurion Mechanics, tactics, and tips

Okay, so this Lost Ark World boss is a very interesting. Aurion is a boss that spawns on a very small island. When you get on the island, you and the world will have very little space to actually manoeuvre around the island, so decent positioning and solid skill dodging is going to be your best friend here.

If there are a lot of players taking part, it is going to be even harder to kill the boss because the cluster of player will make it harder to see the red circles to dodge its mechanics. If that is the case, we recommend turning down your visual effects from other players to make it easier for you to see the boss’ mechanics.

The Aurion skills you’re going to want to dodge are typical AOE’s and cones around the boss. Some of the key skills include a vary basic red cone that focuses on a relatively small area. In addition, the boss does an AOE around itself that will pretty much one-shot any players who are at the appropriate item level unless you have something like Heavy Armor engravings or using shield buffs or battle items. There’s also a generic charge effect too you’ll need to watch out for.

One other skill you’re going to need to avoid is when the boss channels an orange orb over its positions. You will see white/grey swirls around the area, indicating the range in which the orb will kill players when it detonates. The red circle indicating the donation under it fills really fast, so be prepared to move quickly.

One other mechanic that kills players a lot is when the island changes colors. The screen will drastically change color, including the island itself. This causes the ground in the entire area to deal damage to players, which can kill players if not careful. Shortly after, the area will spawn tornadoes that you need to dodge too. We recommend using shield related battle items here to avoid dying or party up with supports that can shield you. Hey Gunlancers and Paladins.

If you do end up dying to any mechanics, don’t use your Phoenix Plumes, as the boss’ battlefield is the island’s respawn point.

Aurion’s Loot Table

Lost Ark Guardian Stone Crystal
You can earn quite a lot of gold farming additional honing reagents.

Below is the loot table that Aurelion has a chance to give you. You can also get a chance to bid extra gold on some of the engraving books that drop for all those who took part in the fight to bid on. It potentially means you can get a great engraving book for dramatically cheaper than the auction house. Also, the honing resources you get are tradable, except for the honing success chance items, so its extra resources to help increase your honing chance along with the ability to sell them for extra gold if you wish.

Item Description Effect
Bleed Your skill with the Bleed rune attached as a chance to bleed the target for six seconds.
Wildwater Island Token Part of the Lost Ark collectable content.
Forbidden Time Necklace Tier 3 epic quality necklace. Gain 6654 in a primary stat along with 2190 vitality. You can gain an additional two random combat stats along with three engravings chosen at random.
Forbidden Time Ring Tier 3 epic quality ring. Grants 4733 in your class’ primary stat and an additional 1252 Vitality. You can also get one randomly selected combat stat and three randomly chosen engravings per drop.
Forbidden Time Earrings Tier 3 epic quality earrings. Add 5097 of your class’ primary stat to this piece of gear as well as 1565 Vitality. Gain one random combat stat and three random engravings on this piece of gear.
Forbidden Space Ring Tier 3 epic quality ring. Bag yourself 4733 in your class’ primary stat and  increase your health pool thanks to 1252 Vitality stats. You can also get one randomly selected combat stat and three randomly chosen engravings per drop.
Forbidden Space Earrings Tier 3 epic quality earrings. Add 5097 of your class’ primary stat to this piece of gear as well as 1565 Vitality. Furthermore, gain one random combat stat and three random engravings on this piece of gear.
Destruction Stone Crystal The red reagent used for honing your T3 weapons in Lost Ark.
Guardian Stone Crystal The blue reagent used for honing your T3 armor pieces. 
Solar Grace (bound) An uncommon quality honing reagent that allows you to increase the chance of successfully honing your T3 items.
Solar Blessing (bound) A rare quality reagent that allows the user to increase the success chance of honing a T3 piece of gear.
Solar Protection (bound) An epic quality reagent that you can use to massively increase the chance to successfully hone gear.
Epic Ability Stone An epic Ability stone that can contain various engraving nodes to unlock to build your characters engraving nodes.
Level 1 Annihilation Gem Gain one random gem effect that is decided upon randomly upon pickup.
Level 1 Crimson Flare Gem Another alternative way of gaining a random gem effect is assigned randomly upon pickup.
XP Card Grants your character XP.
Battle Engravings Chance to get a random battle engraving recipe based on your character’s item level (typically epic quality).

How to get the Wildwater Island Token

If you’re only here as part of the game’s collectable system, then you’re going to need to fight the boss for a chance at the island token. This is one of the islands you’re going to need to come back to as it is a drop chance rather than a guaranteed drop. We recommend getting as close to 1385 item level as possible to make your general experience of this world boss much easier.

Remember, you can only farm this once a day on your roster, so make sure you return to farm it daily to get through it sooner than later.

This concludes our Lost Ark Aurion guide. We hope you get to die much less than the average player, thanks to these helpful tips. And good luck on the loot as you continue to grind and get your engravings up to speed for that end game character optimization. Why not check out the rest of our guides over at the WePC Lost Ark Hub?

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