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Misplaced Ark Cash of Braveness information: Farming & rewards

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Lost Ark’s western release now has a competitive mode for PvP featuring seasonal leaderboards and rankings. Whenever You take part in a PvP season, you can earn a currency called Coins of Courage, which is a Lost Ark PvP related currency.

You‘re going to want to familiarize yourself with this new currency, as it’s a very important part of the PvP rewards. Here is everything you need to know on the Coins of Courage, including what they can get you and how to farm them.

How to get Coins of Courage in Lost Ark

You’re going to spend a lot of time in the Proving Grounds.

Coins of Courage are easily farmable in Lost Ark. With the implementation of the Lost Ark PvP season, players are now stumbling upon the Coins of Courage and the Tenacious Coins. Tenacious Coins is a resource you can get if you are playing PvP below level 50 and below 302 item level. However, if you are playing a character that exceeds those factors, you’ll get Coins of Courage instead.

To get these coins, simply play PvP as intended. You will get this currency by taking part in Team Deathmatch, Team Elimination and Deathmatch. Keep playing to accumulate the currency and then go from there.

However, the main way of getting these tokens arrives through the PvP level. It is a feature that is not yet live in the western version. When it is live, you can press escape and click on the PvP button in the menu that opens up. This is a level that improves the more you play PvP, and the more you win matches. It’s pretty much a feature that you increase by participation, but you can go much further if you win a lot too.

However, there is a maintenance system, which means, in theory, you could lose your overall PvP level if you drop off. Therefore, you really need to play more and win more to maintain collecting lots of Coins of Courage. Otherwise, you’ll steadily decay week by week.

It is also worth mentioning this currency is roster bound. If you want to PvP on a different class, and still get rewards on your main, then you can do that too.

Coins of Courage and PvP Rewards

Coins of Courage is a currency you accumulate through PvP and spend through Lost Ark’s PvP Vendors. It allows you to get various items, including resources, mounts and other prestigious items that reflect your contribution to PvP. WoW refugees may find this similar to honor points.

If you dedicate yourself to playing PvP, it will take a lot of time to farm up many Coins of Courage. You can buy your honing gear upgrades through this PvP currency to compensate for the time spent, meaning that PvP players can still update their gear through the Lost Ark PvP system.

This features items like buying Destructions Stones, Destruction Stone Crystals, and Fragments, as you can with the Guardian T1, 2 and 3 honing items. You can also get your Leapstones for each tier of content, Harmony Shards Pouches and other honing items. Keep in mind that these item-level related reagents are locked behind your class’ current item level, which works the same way the event vendors work, such as the Grand Prix vendor.

If you’re interested in Ranked PvP Rewards, then you can get a seasonally themed skin or set for your class, along with a title and some purple crystals, depending on where you finish at the end of the season. However, these rewards are only awarded at the end of the season based on your final ranking. We recommend checking out the Lost Ark Codex for more info on the exact items until the PvP vendors are actually implemented.

If you fancy grinding ranked this season, why not take a look at our Lost Ark PvP tier list and see what classes you can use to grind this resource with ease effectively?

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