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Find out how much space you’ll need for MW2?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022 5:21 pm

Have you been wondering what the Modern Warfare 2 install size might be?

With the original version of Warzone clocking in at an insane 175 GB, it’s no wonder people are concerned about fitting MW2 on their hard drives.

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At least if you know in advance how big the game is going to be, you can do something about it, like upgrading your hardware.

So, read on to discover just how big MW2 is going to end up being.

Modern Warfare 2 Install Size

Modern Warfare 2 INstall Size Tweet

Right now, all of our installation sizes are based on the work of PlayStation Game Size on Twitter. This account scrapes the PSN for information, and that’s where we are getting our current figures for the game.

The Modern Warfare 2 Install Size clocks in at around 40 GB if you want everything installed at once. Bear in mind this figure applies to the PS4 version of the game, and on top of that, doesn’t include the day one patch that we learned about recently.

Of course, if you only want to install multiplayer or Special Ops, the size can be reduced somewhat. It’s also important to point out that the figure could go up or down on next-gen systems. While next-gen systems tend to use more detailed files, requiring more space, these systems also have better access to on-the-fly compression and modern SSD transfer speeds.

Check out this list of the sizes of the various parts of MW2. The following facts are Via PlayStation Game Size on Twitter and are for the PS4 version of the game:

  • Campaign Pack 1 – 7.24 GB
  • Campaign Pack 2 – 11.59 GB
  • Warzone 2 – 2.98 GB
  • Multiplayer Pack – 5.49 GB
  • Co-op Pack – 3.24 GB
  • Total – 30.54 GB

Why is Warzone 2 so Small?

Many gamers noticed how small Warzone 2 was compared to the first Warzone title, which is famous for clocking in the triple digits. Around 3 GB compared with 175 GB is one hell of a drop in size. It seems unlikely that this information can be accurate to many.

That said, you must remember that this information is scraped from PSN. There’s a chance that 3 GB is correct if you already have everything else installed. If Warzone 2 is using a map already featured in other parts of the game, it’s likely that it will not require downloading separately unless you uninstall the campaign.

One of the biggest factors could be that the data is heavily compressed, resulting in a reduced figure. However, this probably won’t account for the minuscule size of Warzone 2, especially since the figure above is for the PS4 version.

The only concern is that if these figures are for compressed files, the install size could end up being considerably bigger than we initially believed. We’ll update once we’ve been able to test the installation ourselves, including weather it’s possible to uninstall the campaign on its own or not.

Modern Warfare 2 Install Size FAQs

How big is Modern Warfare 2 going to be?

Here are the sizes for the PS4 version of the game (thanks to PlayStation Game Size on Twitter):

  • Campaign Pack 1 – 7.24 GB
  • Campaign Pack 2 – 11.59 GB
  • Warzone 2 – 2.98 GB
  • Multiplayer Pack – 5.49 GB
  • Co-op Pack – 3.24 GB
  • Total – 30.54 GB

How Big is Warzone 2?

According to information scraped from the PSN, Warzone 2 is only going to clock in at 3 GB. This is unlikely to be the size of the game on its own, so make sure you free up plenty of extra space to be safe.

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