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MZed Professional Month-to-month Giveaway – Duken T60 Telescopic Tube Mild

One of the perks of being an MZed Pro member is the Monthly Gear Giveaway, to help you achieve your goals for becoming a better filmmaker. And also just to say thanks for being a part of the MZed family.

For this month’s giveaway, we’ve got a Duken T60, the first telescopic tube light. On March 31st, we’ll randomly select a winner from the list of active MZed Pro members. The best part is there’s nothing you have to do to participate in the monthly giveaway – simply be an MZed Pro member and you’re automatically entered to win each month!

If you’ve been thinking of becoming a member, join MZed Pro now to be included in this month’s giveaway.


March 2022 MZed Pro Giveaway – Duken T60 Telescopic Tube Light

This month’s giveaway is for one Duken T60 tube light, the first telescoping tube light out there. Duken is a sub-brand of SIRUI, which first launched the T60 tube light as a crowd-funded project on Indiegogo. The T60 promises to be a handy companion for a variety of shoots, including product photography, portraits, light painting, studio design, and any video project where a compact light is useful.

The Duken T60 expands from 455mm to 740mm (approximately 18 to 29 inches). It’s a full spectrum RGB light that adjusts from 2500 to 8000 Kelvin, it has a CRI and TLCI of 97+, with a built-in battery for two hours of runtime at full power. The T60 has 14 built-in special effects, and a wireless remote or an app can be used to control the light.

An interesting feature of the Duken T60 is it has a built-in microphone, which enables the tube light to react to music – the color changes along with the music rhythm and sound levels. This makes it a very convenient light for music videos.

All in all, the Duken T60 is sure to be a great light to add to your kit, no matter what kind of creative work you do. There’s more information about the T60 on Duken’s website.

Image source: Duken

How does the MZed Pro Monthly Giveaway work?

There are many benefits to being an MZed Pro member, in addition to the 40+ growing library of filmmaking courses. For example, members get ongoing discounts to partners such as Filmconvert, Vimeo, and Musicbed.

But the monthly gear giveaway has become one of the most celebrated perks for MZed Pros. In the past, we’ve given away RØDE gear, a Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro, B&H gift cards, and an Atomos Shogun to only name a few.

On the last day of the month, anyone who is an active MZed Pro member gets automatically entered to win that month’s gear giveaway. We randomly draw a winner and contact them via email. Keep in mind that the winner is responsible for any customs or duty fees upon receiving the prize.

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Join MZed Pro to be part of the Monthly Gear Giveaway

If you become an MZed Pro member today, you’ll have a chance to win a filmmaking gear prize every month during your membership. The odds are incredible – there are only so many MZed Pro members, compared to the contests out there with hundreds of thousands of entries.

Recently one winner had this to say about winning a Monthly Gear Giveaway, which at that time was a $250 gift certificate to B&H Photo:

“I founded Offbeat Films (@offbeatseattle) with my best friend 5 years ago and I’m proud we’ve made it through the tough times of the pandemic, now it’s time for the roaring 20s! We plan to use the gift card to help buy a high end Inovativ cart for our production company, because lugging equipment never ends.”

Thomas A.

So what are you waiting for? Join MZed Pro now and you’ll be automatically entered to win the Duken T60 telescopic tube light and all the subsequent month giveaways during your membership.

Is there a piece of gear that you would love to see in the MZed Pro Monthly Giveaway? Let us know in the comments below!

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