Have you ever seen an FPV drone fly into the water and reemerge to continue filming? If so, please let us know in the comments. Otherwise check out the video, above, by FPV pilot Blastr, and watch as a Deep6 drone heads toward a raging waterfall and plunges into the brink.

A Dex HydroH drone was used to film scenes beneath the water’s surface. The viewer then experiences what it would feel like to float backwards over a surface of algae-covered tree branches and rocks before moving forward to the base of the waterfall. Then, without missing a beat, the viewer is transported back to the surface where the drone performs a variety of acrobatic moves down, up, and through the waterfall.

Blastr, whose work can also be found on Instagram, warns aspiring FPV daredevils that the maneuvers seen in this video aren’t easy to pull off. Both drones used to film this clip are custom quads and as he puts it on his YouTube page, they ‘are difficult to build and took lots of trial and error to get right, so good luck and fly safe!’

For the rest of us, flying a drone into the water means the end of its life, permanently. For those not up to the task of building out a Dex HydroH drone or similar model, Chasing and Powervision sell their own out-of-the-box underwater UAVs that allow you to explore below the surface.