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Patent: Canon takes the selfie stick with the subsequent stage | Canon Rumors

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Here is an interesting patent that we never thought we’d see from Canon. This one is for a “selfie stick” with all sorts of controls. You can extend, retract and change the angle of the camera on the end. You also have control over the shutter button.

Could this be the next unique product from Canon to follow the PowerShot Zoom and PowerShot Pick?

Canon Patent P2021040089

  • An object of the present invention is to provide an imaging device capable of adjusting the composition in real time when taking a selfie.
  • An imaging apparatus as one aspect of the present invention includes an imaging unit, an extendable rod attached to the imaging unit, a grip provided on the rod, and a target composition and a current composition of the imaging unit. of the imaging unit based on the difference, specifically the control means controls the focal length of the imaging unit, the first angle between the imaging unit and the rod, the grip unit and the At least one of a second angle with the bar or the length of the bar is changed to adjust the composition.

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