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Pokémon GO Mega Second Occasion Information, Dates & Instances

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Pokémon GO’s latest update to the Mega Evolution system has now officially rolled out worldwide. To celebrate, Niantic has given up yet another exciting event to take part in — A Mega Moment. The new event features a brand-new Special Research Story, as well as the Pokémon GO debut of Mega Kangaskhan!

All A Mega Moment Special Research Tasks

A Mega Moment Tasks — Part 1 of 4

Catch three Pokémon — Bulbasaur encounter
Catch three Pokémon — Charmander encounter
Catch three Pokémon — Squirtle encounter

Rewards: 500 XP, 200 Stardust, 10 Poké Balls

At this point, Professor Willow will ask you to choose between Venusaur, Charizard or Blastoise before you continue your research. This will effect your remaining tasks and the type of Mega Energy you will receive. Whenever you see Venusaur* below, this relates to either Venusaur, Charizard or Blastoise, depending on your choice.

A Mega Moment choice

A Mega Moment Tasks — Part 2 of 4

Catch five Pokémon — Ten Poké Balls
Use five Berries to help catch Pokémon — Ten Great Balls
Power up Pokémon five times — Ten Razz Berries

Rewards: 1 Premium Raid Pass, 200 Mega Venusaur* Energy, Venusaur* encounter

A Mega Moment Tasks — Part 3 of 4

Earn five hearts with your Buddy — 50 Mega Venusaur* Energy
Power up Pokémon ten times — 50 Mega Venusaur* Energy
Mega Evolve a Venusaur — One Charged TM

Rewards: 1,000 XP, 600 Stardust, 100 Mega Venusaur* Energy

A Mega Moment Tasks — Part 4 of 4

Win a Raid — Six Revives
Defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt — Two Silver Pinap Berries
Take a snapshot of your Buddy — Six Hyper Potions

Rewards: 2,000 XP, 1,500 Stardust, 100 Mega Venusaur* Energy

A Mega Moment for Mega Kangaskhan

Mega Kangaskhan is making its Pokémon GO debut during the event, and will also be the focus of a special Raid Day. Mega Kangaskhan is an adorable evolution, as baby Kangaskhan finds his feet and jumps out of its mother’s pouch to help in battle!

Mega Kangaskhan A Mega Moment event Pokémon GO

To celebrate the release of Mega Kangaskhan, Trainers will be able to take part in more Mega Raids than usual on Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day on May 1, 2022. As well as an increased number of Mega Raids, players will also be able to get up to five free standard Raid Passes from spinning Gym Photo Discs during Mega Raid Day. Also, there will be an increased chance of encountering shiny Kangaskhan after Mega Raids, so what more reason could you need for getting your Battle Party ready and taking on the Parent Pokémon (and her baby!)?

A Mega Moment event Pokémon appearing in the wild

You might also notice a change to the Pokémon appearing in the wild for the duration of the Mega Moment event. This is because some Pokémon who can Mega Evolve will be appearing more frequently around you. Take the opportunity to try and catch strong Pokémon to power up and Mega Evolve.

Additional event bonuses

Finally, you’ll come across new event-themed Field Research Tasks when you spin some Pokéstops. These will reward Trainers with random Mega Energy, so it’s a great opportunity to gather plenty of the resources and get evolving. Do note, though, that this random Mega Energy does not include Mega Kangaskhan, as this can only be obtained (for now) through Mega Kangaskhan Raids.

  • Power up Pokémon five times — 25 random Mega Energy
  • Power up Pokémon ten times — 70 random Mega Energy

In addition to everything above, Mega Evolved Pokémon will receive a CP boost, making them even more powerful – and saving some of that Stardust!

When is the A Mega Moment Pokémon GO event?

The A Mega Moment event will take place globally from 10am local time on April 29, 2022, to 8pm local time on May 1. The final day, May 1, 2022, will be Mega Kangaskhan Raid Day.

That’s everything you need to know to get involved in A Mega Moment in Pokémon GO. If you’d like to know more about the changes that have been made to Mega Evolution, check out our original news piece, and our full guide to Mega Evolution in Pokémon GO, which is now updated!

We’ve always been a little frugal with our Mega Energy here in the WePC office, so this new event and the update to Mega Evolution is seriously exciting news… We might even finally get around to Mega Evolving something new! Let us know what you think of the changes and the event in the comments below.

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