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Portamyst Smoke and Fog Machine Launched – Runs on V-Mount Batteries

Fog machines are ubiquitous on any film set. A little haze/fog/smoke in a scene increases atmosphere, depth, and sometimes suspense. But usually machines that produce smoke or fog are quite bulky and most of them need mains power to work. The new Portamyst smoke and fog machine can be powered by a single V-mount battery instead!

Fog machines are not particularly fancy pieces of technology, but they are very useful for all kinds of filmmakers. Since they are usually quite basic, this could be one reason for the relatively slow progress in terms of innovation in this class of film tools. After all, why? All you have to do is add the desired fluid and things work, right?

Well, most of these hazers, fog machines etc. work on mains power, are rather bulky and not exactly easy to transport. That’s why the Belgium-based company Delimex decided to start from scratch and develop their own compact fog machine: Portamyst.

Portamyst smoke and fog machine

The coolest thing about this handy device is the ability to run it completely off the mains. All you need is a standard V-mount battery (Anton Bauer or even B-mount batteries will also work if you specify this when ordering).

image credit: Portamyst | Delimex

For attaching the Portamyst machine to a pole or whatever might be useful for your given setup, the handle provides a series of 1/4′-20 and 3/8″16 threads to help with this.


here is a list of the most important specifications of this new Portamyst smoke and fog machine:

  • Power 80W
  • Weight 1.9 Kg, 4.2 lbs
  • Power V-mount, Anton Bauer or B-mount
  • Mounting 1/4″-20 and 3/8′-16
  • Warm up time approximately 2 seconds
  • Tank capacity 300ml
image credit: Portamyst | Delimex

The opening on the top of the device for refilling liquid is quite large, so you can easily refill the Portamyst. Next to it is a relatively large toggle switch for operating the device. So, even with gloves on, it should be easy to get some smoke/mist out of the device.

image credit: Portamyst | Delimex

For the order you need to get in touch with Delimex directly, they do offer international shipping. The Portamyst sells for €990 (excluding tax), and it is available now.

Link: Delimex website

What do you think? Do you use smoke or fog machines on your jobs? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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