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The first TOTW of FIFA 23 is incredibly strong.

Updated: Sep 21, 2022 6:45 pm

Well, it is finally here the very first Team of the Week of FIFA 23. Despite it only being the first team released so far, it’s amazing how good of a squad has been out for week 1. 

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In order to access the first Team of the Week you will have to do so through the Web App that launched alongside Team of the Week.

The actual game isn’t playable until the 27th of September, when the Early Access becomes available. The full release is three days later on the 30th. 

Due to when these cards are released, the players who have featured in this week’s TOTW will be incredibly rare, in comparison to the rest of the teams that come out. 

The player base, for now, won’t be as large as it will be when the game completely releases, so if you’re lucky enough to pack one of these cards it will be worth keeping hold of until the value rises. 

TOTW 1 The Stand Outs 

Team of the Week 1 has some truly great players. The highlights are the 92 rated Kevin De Bruyne and the 90 Rated Heung-min Son.

If you can somehow get one of these players you will be set up for months, especially with Son. 

In FIFA 23 you can now change players positions in different ways depending on the player and one of Son’s changes is to play him central. It looks like he may already be the best Premier League striker in the game before it even releases. 

This Team of the Week also gives a good boost and position change for Federico Valverde.

Straight off the bat he will be one of the best La Liga players in his position, whilst also boasting very good chemistry boosts to other Real Madrid players. He will be desirable

TOTW 1 The Surprises

The Serie A players in this weeks TOTW were Immobile of Lazio and Deulofeu of Udinese. Both of these players will be welcome additions to any squad though.

Sadly there is no space for Robert Lewandowski after a brace at the weekend, but regardless it is still a very strong TOTW to kick the year off.

All in all, the first TOTW of FIFA 23 is incredibly strong, and will be in packs the moment the Web App goes live. Check out the full team below:

team of the week one

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