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Rotolight SmartSoft Field for AEOS 2 Lights and New App Launched

Rotolight recently released a new light modifier for its AEOS 2 LED lights: the SmartSoft Box. This electronic softbox is the world’s first digital smart soft diffuser, meaning you can adjust the amount of diffusion you want with a touch of a button. Furthermore, with the latest Rotolight App for iOS and Android devices, you can control the light and SmartSoft Box wirelessly. Let’s take a closer look at this new, innovative lighting diffuser!

A couple of months ago, Rotolight launched the NEO 3 and AEOS 2 compact RGBWW LED lights. These compact and affordable fixtures have an incredible amount of light output, with a maximum output of 9230 lux at 1 m for the AEOS 2. Furthermore, for content creators that shoot both video and still, the nice thing with Rotolight products is that they have a photo/high-speed flash mode which gives you an extra stop of light output.

At IBC 2019, the British company introduced the Titan X2, which is still Rotolight’s flagship LED light. When I first saw the Titan X2, I was blown away by the unique SmartSoft technology. This technology allows the user to adjust the light’s diffusion, focus and spread electronically. Rotolight pushed things one step further with the launch of the SmartSoft Box diffuser for the AEOS 2.

Rotolight SmartSoft Box for the AEOS 2

The Rotolight SmartSoft Box is an electronic softbox that mounts in seconds in front of the AEOS 2. Then, plug a cable between the light and the softbox, and you’re ready to go!

At the back of the AEOS 2, you’ll now be able to adjust the amount of diffusion you want directly on the fixture’s touchscreen color LCD. That is pretty impressive!

Image credit: Rotolight

As Rod from Rotolight told us, their team spent a considerable amount of time developing the SmartSoft Box, so there is no color shift when you dial in the perfect amount of diffusion you want. Indeed, when you crank up the diffusion setting, the SmartSoft Box communicates with the AEOS 2, which automatically adjusts the green/magenta shift of the LED fixture.

Last but not least, with the new Rotolight app, you can even control the SmartSoft Box and AEOS 2/NEO 3 and adjust the amount of diffusion you want wirelessly.

Image credit: Rotolight

Rotolight iOS and Android app

Rotolight now has a new iOS/Android App for the NEO 3 and AEOS 2 fixtures. As shown in the video, the App has zero latency. Also, with real-time two-way communication between the app and the lights, all changes are instantly updated.

The Rotolight app allows you to easily adjust diffusion, kelvin, brightness, HSI, Gels, flash settings & SFX on up to 20 lights. Furthermore, the color picker tool allows you to use your smartphone/tablet camera to pick any color you want, which is helpful on commercial/corporate shoots, for example.

Price and availability

The Rotolight NEO 3 is available now, starting at $599 with the Starter bundle. The AEOS 2 is available now, starting at $1.399 for the light only. The Rotolight SmartSoft Box is available to preorder for $399, and it should start shipping in October.

For more information, please visit Rotolight’s website here.

What do you think about this new SmartSoft Box for the AEOS 2? Do you believe the electronically adjustable diffusion could be a valuable feature for you? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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