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Saturday Browsing, March 19, 2022!

Hello, weekend!

Good morning from Hawaii Kai on Oahu. Hawaii Kai is only 12 miles east from the bustling city of Honolulu. It’s near enough to feel like you could easily hop on the freeway and be in the middle of Waikiki, yet far enough to feel like you’re enjoying the slower pace of the suburbs. If we lived on the island, I wouldn’t mind being in this neighborhood at all.

We’re here for a quick trip to visit El Hub’s parents (we’re going home on Monday), and as I’m typing this, I can hear doves cooing, chickens squawking and leaves rustling in the wind. It’s a beautiful morning song!

We’ve spent most of our time so far next to water, either by the pool or at the beach, which has been been glorious. I haven’t worn shorts or a swimsuit in months, and it’s nice to feel warm again.

Although, dang… the humidity here is next level! It definitely takes some getting used to. I’m never not sweating. If you live in a humid place and know a product that removes that sticky feeling from the backs of your knees, then hook a girl up. I would buy it in a heart beat!

Oh, and my hair. It’s huge, man. The humidity transforms it into something else entirely, and it takes on a life of its own. I walk around feeling like I’ve got 20 extra pounds o’ lions mane.

Why is pink ginger so magical?
Happy days 😊
Love the colors here.
I wish I knew the name of this flower…
Little Miss Hawaii ❤️
Keep looking up!
Bird of paradise in paradise.
I’m the queen of the world!
Red, she said!
This duck told me her name is Rochelle.
Don’t go chasing waterfalls!
So much green!

This week’s reading


Face oils, FYI.

Speaking of slugging…

I love this show.

Have a beautiful day, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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