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Save $2280 on the most effective couch you’ll ever purchase – This Lovesac Black Friday deal will make your bums day

Hide unsightly speaker wires by… hiding the speakers in the couch. It’s absolute genius and we love it.

Updated: Oct 8, 2022 3:31 pm

Lovesac, baby Lovesac, Lovesac baby! Ok, Lovesac puns aside, we have only gone and found the best piece of furniture you are ever going to own and found it $2280 off at Best Buy as well. You’re most welcome. It’s unlikely we are going to a price like this again for the next 12 months so what are you waiting for, click before it’s gone.

This amazing sofa is not only ridiculously comfortable but it has its speakers and wireless charging point built-in. It’s easy to assemble and feels luxurious. it’s the future of couches and it needs to come to your home if you are going to spend anything on a Black Friday Weekend furniture deal this year.

Save nearly $3k on this Lovesac Black Friday Deal

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Save $2280!

Lovesac 6 Seats + 8 Sides Corded Velvet with 6 Speaker Immersive Sound + Charge System

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Immersive 4D Experience

Dolby Digital surround sound delivered by speakers embedded within the couch. This provides a closeness to the sound that you can hear and feel, but can’t see.

Fabric-Specific Tuning

This proprietary technology adjusts audio frequencies based on your Sactionals fabric type, density, and color for consistent quality and immaculate clarity.

Layout-Specific Tuning

Proprietary, enhanced tuning technology creates an optimal and consistent audio experience from any seat in any Sactionals configuration shape.

Integrated Wireless Charging

Wireless charges are seamlessly integrated into each of your Sound + Charge Sides, so you always have a convenient charge for your devices.

Controlled Through the App

Use the Lovesac StealthTech app to optimize the System to your specific Sactionals configuration shape and cover selection, adjust the volume levels, enable Quiet Couch Mode, and select between Harman Kardon designed sound modes.


Our upholstery-like Covers are easily removable and machine-washable. Just remove the Velcro or unzip the zipper, slip the Cover off, toss it in the wash, and hang dry. Sactionals Covers come out clean without shrinking, fading, or pilling.


The Sactionals modular system, made of Seats and Sides, allows you to rearrange your couch for any occasion. Create a lounger for movie night, an L-shape for company, or anything in between. Lovesac’s patented interlocking system makes Sactionals even stronger than a traditional sofa.


Change your Covers, not your couch. Sactionals are designed with easy-to-remove Covers, giving you the freedom to switch up the look anytime you choose. Just unzip the Cover or remove the Velcro, slip the Cover off, and replace it for a whole new look.


Sactionals are designed to adapt and evolve along with you. A growing family or moving to a new home shouldn’t mean getting a whole new couch. Just add more Seats and Sides to your existing Sactionals setup and you’ve got everything you need to enjoy Total Comfort for years to come.

Guaranteed for Life

All Sactionals hard pieces are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Free Shipping

All orders in the contiguous United States ship free.

Standard Fill

Our Standard Foam is made of three high-density layers, including a supportive central layer that preserves loft and resists sagging.


A luxurious material that’s soft, supple, and resilient. Lovesoft™ keeps its lofty look without the need to fluff.

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