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Scenting My Dwelling for the Holidays – The Small Issues Weblog

I know that the scent in my home is the first thing I notice when I walk in, so it’s certainly something others notice as well! My Aera diffuser is set up on a schedule so I can be sure the house smells great at peak times of the day.

And the nice thing about the scent capsules from Aera is that they are so effective, the smell lingers in the room for some time after they are turned off.

The limited edition Holiday capsules are perfect for this season. Winter Wreath smells of sweet berries, Holiday Cheer has that classic cinnamon smell, and Majestic Fir smells like a fresh-cut pine tree!

Between my Aera diffuser in my family room, and the Aera mini in my guest room and laundry room, I can be sure those areas smell inviting, and warm, and instantly make you think of the holidays.

The scheduling feature of the Aera diffuser, and the Aera mini, allows me to autopilot this element in my home. And I really appreciate that the capsules last for up to 800 hours, are non-toxic, and are pet safe.

Aera has a great variety of scents to choose from on their site, but I’d highly recommend the limited edition holiday gift set which includes scents to last you all winter long!

You can save 20% on either Aera Diffuser by using code Kate20 at checkout! Click here to shop!

This post is sponsored thanks to Aera.

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